Does Walmart Sell Live Bait?

Walmart is a one-stop-shop for almost everything that a person needs. To some Americans, fishing is their hobby, and bait is essential in that activity. Many stores sell fishing gear, but it may be challenging to find a store that sells live bait. Does Walmart Sell Live Bait?

Does Walmart Sell Live Bait?

Walmart sells a variety of live baits to its customers. Live bait increases the ability of fishers to attract and catch various types of fish in water. Walmart has made this possible by having numerous convenience stores that make it easy for anglers in the US to access live bait and other items related to fishing. 

How Does One Purchase Live Bait At Walmart?

It is effortless to purchase Live Bait from any Walmart convenience store. Once you enter the store and have no idea where to find the live bait, you can ask the store attendant to direct you. Important to note is that Live Bait is a Fresh commodity that may sometimes be unavailable in the stores. Thus, it is advisable to call a Walmart store before visiting the store physically whether the desired live bait is available.

What Are the Various Types of Live Bait sold at Walmart?

Walmart sells various types of live bait such as Crickets, Night Crawlers, Baby Crawlers, Green worms, and Redworms. These are sold in counts of twelve, twenty-four, thirty, fifty, two hundred, and five hundred. Walmart sources most of its live bait for DMF Bait Co., which ensures the quality and availability of the products in the stores. Also, the prices of these live baits range from $2 to $46, depending on the counts within a container. To expound on these types of live bait and their use, keep reading;

Green Worms

Green worms come packaged in a biodegradable box. They can be used as bait in fishing and feeding pets like frogs since they are organic. In terms of storage, buyers must store them under refrigeration to preserve their freshness.


Walmart sells crickets as live bait, packaged in containers that consist of 50 counts. Crickets can be used as live bait for catching fish like trout and can be used to feed pets. It is advisable to transfer crickets from their storage box to preserve them. Also, one can refrigerate them in relatively low temperatures after purchasing them.

Night Crawlers

Night Crawlers are packaged in a recyclable cooler which helps the live bait stay fresh over a long time. The cooler consists of 250 counts of bait that can be used to catch a great deal of fish like catfish, bass, and trout. The live bait also costs $46, which is the most expensive among the other types due to the high count in the package.

Red Worms

Red worms are perfect live bait for fishing since their wriggling nature attracts trout and panfish. Walmart sells these fish in counts of 30 and 500, which come packaged in boxes and pouches, respectively. The 500-count red worms can be refrigerated to be used over a long period.

Baby Crawlers

These live baits effectively catch fish like the panfish, pike, catfish, and walleye. They are packaged in containers of 24 counts, and it is suitable for buyers to refrigerate them at least twenty-four hours before use. Not to mention, they are organic live baits that are safe to be used as pet food.

Does It Sell other Types of Bait?

If the idea of live bait is not appealing to you, Walmart offers fake bait for anglers. For instance, Berkley Gulp is a type of bait that comes in a jar filled with fake worms. Some fishermen can be irked by the mess of live bait, such as the worms, and prefer using the artificial bait. The fake worms are as effective as live bait since they catch various fish such as catfish, perch, and bass. To experiment, you can purchase a jar of live bait and fake bait in your next fishing trip to see what works for you.


Walmart sells a variety of live bait and at the convenience of shoppers in the United States. The various live baits include crickets, green worms, nightcrawlers, red worms, and baby crawlers. Also, the store provides different counts of each live bait, ensuring that it meets every shopper’s needs. Consumers need to consider the storage of live bait to ensure freshness and longevity. The various live baits types are also affordable, whereby the prices range from $ 2 to $ 46 depending on the count.

Frequently Asked Questions?
  1. Can I ship in live bait in case I cannot access Walmart? 

Yes, some of the live bait can be shipped.

  1. Does Walmart sell Live Bait at wholesale prices?

Yes, it does offer wholesale prices for most live bait products.

Does Walmart Sell Live Bait?

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