Does Etihad Have Wi-Fi?

Etihad is the national porter of the United Arab Emirates. It’s based in Abu Dhabi and flies to over 100 destinations worldwide. Etihad uses an all-Airbus fleet, which means that the in-flight entertainment system is always state of the art. Does Etihad Have Wi-Fi?

Does Etihad Have Wi-Fi?

Etihad’s entertainment system includes over 2,500 movies and TV shows, along with a staggering amount of music (735,000 songs). The food onboard is also excellent. And finally, Etihad offers free Wi-Fi on every flight. 

Etihad Airways is a significant player in the aviation industry with a strong presence on all critical global routes. The airline has been awarded a 4-Star Airline for its top-notch flights and unmatched airport services.

Etihad Wi-Fi Packages:

Etihad Airways is the largest airline in the Middle East and has recently become a significant player in Europe. The airline has been expanding its international routes, and they have also started operating flights from Milan to Abu Dhabi. However, Wi-Fi is a must-have for any traveller, and most airlines offer it as a paid service. Therefore, Etihad Airways has recently announced its new plans to give free Wi-Fi access on its aircraft to every passenger.

100MBOne hour$6.99
200MBSix hours$15.99
350MB24 hours$29.99

How do I connect to Etihad free Wi-Fi?

Book a flight and get free Wi-Fi onboard as part of our ‘Connectivity on Board’ program. With Wi-Fi available on more than 200 aircraft, you’ll be able to stay in touch with friends and family, work from your seat or enjoy surfing the web. In addition, the First class and Etihad Guest Platinum members receive complimentary Wi-Fi access onboard. However, the traveller can pay to utilise the services of the Wi-Fi on the go through PayPal, credit cards, and Etihad Guest miles.

While you fly with Etihad, your seat-pocket carries an instruction manual regarding Wi-Fi network and password, etc.; follow the instructions to get connected to the internet services on the go!

Exclusive Discounts to Etihad Guests:

Etihad Airlines has given the world a chance to take advantage of exclusive discounts and deals just by being part of a community. By joining Etihad Guest, visitors can earn points for their flights and hotel stays. Members can use the points for exclusive hotel reservations, upgrades, and flight tickets. The airline also has several membership levels, allowing guests to choose which perks they want to receive from the start. This rewards system is designed to increase brand loyalty and build a stronger relationship between the guest and the company.


Who Is The Service Provider Of Internet For Etihad Wi-Fi Services?

The Wi-Fly is the internet provider source for the Etihad airways Wi-Fi Services in all its flights. Now you can stay associated with the internet while flying onboard Etihad Airways flights. The airline has partnered with Wi-Fi provider “Wi-Fly” to offer high-speed broadband internet connections for all its passengers. The Wi-Fly system uses Ka-band satellite technology, enabling speeds of up to 50Mbps – enough for streaming content and downloading files.

Why would I need Wi-Fi onboard?

In modern times, where almost everything is associated with the internet, your flight should be different. The ability to stay connected throughout your flight is becoming a necessity. And the reality is that Wi-Fi will soon become a part of every aircraft. Airlines are slowly but surely starting to realise this, and in many cases, they are already taking steps to install Wi-Fi on their planes.

In keeping with Etihad’s commitment to delivering extraordinary travel experiences, advanced inflight entertainment and Wi-Fi technology are available on all aircraft.

What makes Etihad the Fascinating Airways? 

Etihad Airways is the regional airline of the United Arab Emirates. It is the first and largest airline in the Middle East. It operates more than 1,000 flights per week to over 120 passenger and cargo termini in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Australia. With the launch of the world’s most fascinating Etihad Airways, the company has set new standards in the industry with its state-of-the-art aeroplanes and luxurious services. Etihad Airways is the first airline in the world to offer an accessible high-speed Wi-Fi facility to all its passengers on board.

The airline is also known for offering excellent service and top-notch air crafts. Etihad introduces a new standard for luxury travel, making itself a must-fly carrier among business class travellers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How do I connect to free Wi-Fi service?

The seat pocket contains a manual with a Wi-Fi description for travellers. 

Q2: Is there any discount for Platinum members?

Yes, there is a discount for Platinum and the passenger travelling in first class. 

Q3: What are the packages available for Wi-Fi?

Starting from 20MB to 100MB, 200MB, and 350MB.

Does Etihad Have Wi-Fi?

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