Does Door Dash Deliver Alcohol?

Planning an impromptu party but you currently have no booze in your fridge, at the same time as when you run into trouble with your Uber, Instacart, Flaviar, or Saucey? Worry not, now you have another option for that. Here we will see about the Does Door Dash Deliver Alcohol.

Does Door Dash Deliver Alcohol?

Since September 2021, Door Dash supports alcohol delivery. No-fuss, no muss. Just choose your preferred liquor and make sure that you have your ID in hand for verification. Fear not, other than your name and birth date, the rest of your information will be blurred. Nevertheless, there are still some extra measures to follow for both deliverers and customers. Below you will find the rules and steps on how to order alcohol with Door Dash. 

Things to remember for Door Dash Deliever Alcohol:

Violating one of these rules could affect your alcohol delivery. To make sure that you deliver alcohol lawfully, attentively pay attention to these points below. 

  1. 1.Prior to accepting any alcohol orders, you must be 21 years old and older. Be prepared to present your valid driver’s license. 
  2. 2.Before handing over the alcohol, you are responsible to confirm that the customer is 21+. The law requires you to verify each customer’s age, even when they appear to be older. 
  3. 3.If your customer does not have their ID in hand, they can present these instead. Please note that other types of identification (e.g., IDNYC) is not acceptable.
    1. A valid driver’s license issued by the government.
    2. A valid passport accepted by the United States. 
    3. An identification card issued by the Armed Forces of the United States consisting of the essential information (full name, date of birth, and picture of the person). 
    4. If you reside in Massachusetts, only these four forms of identification are accepted:
      1. A valid Massachusetts driver’s license.
      2. A valid passport from a country recognized by the United States.
      3. An unexpired Massachusetts liquor ID.
      4. An unexpired military identification card.
  4. 4.Double-check the ID’s validity by doing these below as you also need to scan the document.
    1. Make sure that the ID is still valid and not expired. 
    2. Match the photo in the ID and the customer at the door. 
    3. Physically examine the ID and see if it feels rough at the edges, bumpy, or has uneven surfaces. A legitimate ID should feel consistent and has smooth edges. 
  5. 5.Always check for intoxication signs. An intoxicated person usually has several visible signs. Since they may use a face mask during this pandemic, you can do these instead to look for any intoxication signs. 
    1. Take a glance at the customer and see if they have glassy or bloodshot eyes, or even if they have difficulties keeping their eyes open. 
    2. You can also stand a few steps back to see if they can walk a straight line or not stumble with objects around them. 
    3. Intoxication can also present in form of slurred speech, inappropriate comments, unusually fast or slow pace of voice. 
  6. 6.Never accept alcohol delivery to these locations. 
    1. Public or private schools (K-12).
    2. College campus.
    3. Prison, reformatory, veteran houses, state capitol grounds.
    4. Storage facility.
    5. Liquor stores or any other businesses that sell alcohol.
  7. 7.If you have any hesitations as you witness bizarre situations which you think are not wise for you to deliver the alcohol, contact support right away.  

Notes for the customers 

Alcohol delivery is now available only in 20 states in the United States so far. Make sure you reside in these states:

  1. 1.California
  2. 2.New York
  3. 3.Washington 
  4. 4.Idaho
  5. 5.Arizona
  6. 6.Texas
  7. 7.Minnesota
  8. 8.Ohio
  9. 9.Illinois
  10. 10.Massachusetts
  11. 11.Connecticut
  12. `12.Virginia
  13. 13.Florida
  14. 14.Kentucky
  15. 15.Tennessee
  16. 16.Michigan
  17. 17.Iowa
  18. 18.Oregon
  19. 19.Missouri
  20. 20.Nebraska

Other than the states, you can also order alcohol if you locate in Canada or Australia. If you are in an eligible location, you will be able to order liquor from restaurants, grocery stores, local retailers, and convenience stores. 

Know that you must be 21+ (age may vary, depending on the regulations where you live) to purchase alcohol and you have to do a one-time verification by uploading your ID in the app. The next time you order alcohol, you won’t need to upload the ID again. However, Dashers may ask for your valid ID when they deliver your orders.  

For Dashers and customers: what to do if the customer is unavailable and the recipient is different?

You may be out for toilet breaks or running some other personal errands at the same time your Dasher arrives. You can have someone else receive it but note that they still have to present their valid identification and Dashers have to scan it. Thus, make sure that the other recipient is also 21+. 


Door Dash allowing liquor delivery is a win-win solution for both customers and restaurants, bars, or retailers, particularly considering the situation we are currently in. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that there are some crucial points to remember for both Dashers and the customers. Cheers and always drink responsibly!

Does Door Dash Deliver Alcohol?

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