Funimation Services-All About Funimation

If you are a fan of anime, there is no chance that you are not aware about Funimation. But still, if you are new to this world, we would like to tell you that Funimation is an entertainment company which is based in U.S which distributes the dubbed and subbed versions of East Asian content, especially Japanese anime. Now, there are many questions that might be going in your mind regarding Funimation Services. Don’t worry, we are here to provide you all the information that you need and desire. 

Funimation Services

Does Funimation accept prepaid cards? 

Funimation accepts payments through all platforms and cards but not prepaid cards. Funimation policy suggests that Visa, American express, MasterCard, credit cards, Funimation gift cards and PayPal are all acceptable modes of payment and subscribers can easily enjoy Funimation services through these cards and payment methods. However, Funimation does not accept debit cards, prepaid cards, cash and bank checks. 

Is Funimation free? 

Well, as mentioned earlier, Funimation is not a free service. However, it allows the users to experience the Funimation services with a free one-month trial. This free trial enables the users to watch a limited number of shows. Users can easily watch their favorite show or anime in high quality but with advertisements interrupting their experience. Once the free trial expires, users are encouraged to buy and subscribe to Funimation to watch their shows smoothly without interruption. 

Is Funimation legal? 

The answer to this question is, ‘OFCOURSE it is legal’. It is one of the largest platforms for distribution of Asian content. Millions of people subscribe to Funimation through legal payment methods. It is a registered and renowned company. But, there are some countries where Funimation is not available so people use VPN services to reach the site, thus making it an illegal attempt to gain their services. But overall, Funimation is a legal platform. 

Funimation payment plan 

Let’s give you quick details regarding the Funimation payment plans so that it’s easy for you to make up your mind whether you want to buy the service or not. But we assure you, it’s a service worth buying because you don’t want to miss amazing Japanese content. 

So, basically Funimation offers three different packages to the subscribers. 

  • Premium package – $5.99 per month. 
  • Premium plus package – $7.99 per month. 
  • Premium plus ultra-package – $99.99 per year 

Obviously, there are some difference between the packages. All three packages allow the users watch ad-free content without any time limit, and in 1080 HD quality. But, the premium package is limited in a way that it only offers streams on two devices. The premium plus package offers stream on five different devices and you can also download videos. And the super package which is the premium plus ultra-package allows the users to have all-in-one experience with free shipping and gifts as well. 

How do you subscribe and sign-up to Funimation?

It is not really a complicated method. The user-interface of Funimation gives all the information smoothly, and all you have to do is just fill in the information and get your subscription. But we would like to give you some detailed steps just in case. 

  • Visit the Funimation website 
  • You can see certain options 
  • You can click on ‘watch now’ and instantly start your free trial 
  • Or you can choose from different packages; premium, premium plus, and premium plus ultra
  • Choose an option and associated payment method
  • You can choose to pay monthly and annually. 
  • Proceed and fill in the payment information – card details 
  • You can use your credit card, PayPal, MasterCard or American express card for payment. 
  • Once you are done with payment, sit back and enjoy the Funimation experience in all its’ might. 

Reasons why you should subscribe to Funimation

There are so many reasons of joining the Funimation world because it is one of a kind experience. We’ll highlight some of the reasons for you to give you a better perspective. 

Range of Content 

Funimation has a wide range of content and countless Japanese anime that are not even available on other streaming services. There are more than seven hundred anime titles and so many different genres all in one place. 

Huge Library 

Funimation has such a huge library of anime. It does not only contain anime that are ongoing but also the most popular ones, the classics, and the early anime that are forgotten. Viewers can watch oldest anime to the newest ones without interruption. 


Funimation does not compromise on quality. It offers HD 1080 experience to its’ subscribers, so they can enjoy every moment, scene and frame in high definition. 

Fastest service 

Funimation provides the fastest service. Within an hour, it uploads the subbed and English dubbed version of the anime so that users don’t have to wait for days and weeks to watch latest episodes. The dubbing studio for Funimation works 18 hours to keep up this fastest service. 

How do you cancel your subscription? 

In case, you don’t want to go with your subscription plan and want to cancel the subscription, then you should follow following steps; 

  • Log in to your Funimation account 
  • Go to my account 
  • Choose your subscription plan 
  • Expand the summary section and simply cancel.
Funimation Services-All About Funimation

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