Does Alaska Airlines Have Wi-Fi?

Are your excited to know Does Alaska Airlines Have Wi-Fi? Read on the article, for more details.

Alaska Airlines provides Wifi on board with the purpose to always stay bracketed with the virtual world. It is a paid amenity which includes both Inflight Internet and satellite Wifi services, both of which are assisted by Gogo Inflight Internet.

Does Alaska Airlines Have Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi Reportage

Alaska Airlines’s 71 cent of the total aircraft fleet comes with well installed wifi services which mainly includes the Boeing 737 fleet and the Embraer aircrafts. It has an enormous coverage area over nearly  all the estates of North America and promises gate to gate connectivity.

Inflight Internet Services

It accepts both in-advance and on the plane course of payment but usually on the plane payment is levied with extra charges and is nearly double relative to the in-advance option. Utilizing Gogo, the passengers can access the internet, browse, stream ,chat and send the mails. 

The Inflight Internet also comes along with the Free Chat option wherein one can directly connect with Gogo wifi network and chat, it is applicable for Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and iMessage apps.

For people who travel periodically and more frequently it also has various schemes ranging from Wifi passes to monthly and annual subscriptions whose complete details are provided on the Alaska Airlines website.

How Inflight Internet Works?

The Inflight Wifi service is operated via two methodologies. One is the ATG (Air To Ground) network and the second is Satellite Wifi. The ATG functions in a similar way as that of our cell phones. The airplanes have inbuilt antennas encapsulated in them which seizes the nearest signal emerging out from the transmitters while flying and thereby the passengers are able to access the internet , stream the television shows and can continue with their work.

The satellite Wifi ,another way of connection, grasps the signals via the orbiting satellites linked with the ground stations and hence provides internet connectivity to the commuters. 

Lately the Inflight Wifi is flourishingly rising on all its expanse, greater and advance technological enhancements are made in this sector to improvise and provide with the best output even though its a challenging task to provide the internet connection at such greater altitudes , enormous speed and amidst experiencing heavy turbulence.

Gogo’s 2Ku system, Panasonic and other companies are reinventing and making recurring efforts in this domain to provide the best. Gogo’s internet service works towards the establishment of Inflight Wifi in both domestic and international flights.


The Alaska Airlines is relentlessly working towards rolling out the satellite Wifi on all its fleet which was aimed to be achieved by 2020. 

With the availence of internet from the Gogo’s 2Ku system the riders can have seamless Wifi connectivity and very limited hindrance throughout the journey. 

It also comes with an entertainment library where one can explore and enjoy the most watched films and television shows watched on board. The flyers can also access the content from their own service providers such as Netflix, HBO etc. The cabinets are also curated with ambience lightings to provide sheer comfort and a perfect environment to the passengers. 

The cabin also comes along with the varied tablet, laptop and other electronic devices holders which helps in accommodation of our own possessions which we have brought with us on the aircraft.

Alaska Airlines is a leading American airline firm with its headquarter situated at Washington. It embarked the inflight wifi services in 2009 under which the messaging services are at free of cost and the other respective amenities are levied with the fees in accordance with the duration and length of the flight.Alaska Beyond is an excellent serviced introduced by the airline wherein the flyers from First class and coach can access the Gogo video player on their own devices to provide for the entertainment facility.


Q. What are the Wifi charges of Alaska Airlines?

The Wifi service comes with multiple schemes. One hour pass and all day pass costs $7 and $19 respectively. Below listed are the variegated schemes

24 hour continuous Wifi access$16
A bunch of 6 passes for 45min. each$36
Monthly pass$49.95
Annual pass$599

Q. Is the Wifi service feasible over all the intercontinental routes and airplanes?

The Inflight Internet is provided on all the aircrafts except the Q400 and 737-9 Max which mainly serve for short ranged commutations. The wifi coverage of Alaska Airlines extends upto to all the multinational routes except Hawaii, Mexico and Costa Rica.

Q. How to connect your device to Alaska Airlines Wifi?

1.Turn on your device’s Wi-Fi, and choose “Alaska_WiFi” or “gogoinflight” network.

2. Open your web browser and visit

3. Choose your preferred tasks accordingly :  texting, entertainment, or surfing the internet.

Q. Which are some other airlines where Inflight Internet is available ?

According to 2019 reports ,Inflight service is now broadly available on Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, British Airways, Virgin America etc. which is powered by Gogo , Panasonic and Viasat service providers.

Does Alaska Airlines Have Wi-Fi?

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