Does American Airlines have Wi-Fi?

Traveling in airplanes for hours and days is not easy. Although several kinds of entertainment services are available in airplanes free of cost but for the people who have to be in connection during their work, internet availability is a serious concern. Does American Airlines have Wi-Fi? To get the answer read the full article.

Does American Airlines have Wi-Fi?

Yes, American Airlines have Wi-Fi for all of their domestic and some of their international flights but not for free and is very expensive. You have to purchase it before flight or Onboard depending upon the type of flight that you are taking. Firstly, you have to check flight status online that whether it is providing internet facility or not by visiting the American Airlines website and entering your flight details there. It can also give you details about the speed of the internet. After checking online you have to purchase it and connect it.

How to purchase it?

You can purchase it online directly by your debit card but the procedure and price are different for domestic and international flights Wi-Fi.

Domestic flight Wi-Fi

It can be purchased Onboard by visiting directly through an American debit card or can be pre-purchased by using an American debit card with AAdvantage membership.


All-Day Pass

Valid for 12 months from date of purchase

$14.00 + tax 

Traveler Pass

Monthly subscription

$39.95 + tax

Monthly subscription plan:

American Airlines also provides a Wi-Fi subscription plan by Gogo for all of their domestic flights. It is a 49.95 dollar monthly offer for one device and 59.95 dollars for two devices. It can be pre-purchased and renewed automatically. But for a subscription, you must be an AAdvantage member. You can cancel the subscription two days before the expiry date but after that, it cannot be canceled and is non-refundable.

How can be an AAdvantage member?

Go to the American Airlines website. Register yourself free as an AAdvantage member and make an AAdvantage account by just giving your email address and U.S billing address.

International flight Wi-Fi

It can only be purchased Onboard but the network provider can be a third party i.e., not American Airlines. No packages or monthly subscription offers are available.


2-hour pass

12 Dollars

4-hour pass

17 Dollars

Duration of flight pass

19 Dollars

How to connect it?

 Three types of networks provide internet to Airlines all over the world. These three networks are:

  1. Gogo
  2. ViaSat
  3. Panasonic

But America provides this service under its own American Airlines network by using mostly Gogo and ViaSat Wi-Fi for its domestic flights and Panasonic Wi-Fi for its international flight.

Now it is up to the user that he wants to use the internet facility under the American Airlines network or by directly connecting to those three third-party networks.

The rules and regulations, safety concerns, and pricing would be different under these two networks.

America only provides offers and packages to its network users.

Through American Airlines Network:

Firstly, you need to download American Airlines App before your flight. Enable Airplane mode, connect to American Airline Inflight Wi-Fi signal for free and purchase a suitable internet package for yourself.

Directly through third party networks:

Enable Airplane mode, see which network signals are available, go to their respective website for free and purchase a suitable internet package for yourself.

Wi-Fi signal strength:

American inflight Wi-Fi works at an approximate speed of:

  • 500-600 kilobytes per second download.
  • 300 kilobytes per second for upload.

Usually, the download and upload speed varies and sometimes disconnects. This internet service is not reliable for working people. 

International flights that provide this facility:

Some international American flights don’t provide internet like American Eagle Flights and the flights that provide are:

  • Boeing 777-300ER flights
  • Airbus A330-200 
  • Airbus A330-300 
  • Boeing 757-200
  • Boeing 767-300 
  • Boeing 777-200ER 
  • Boeing 787-8 
  • Boeing 787-9 
  • Boeing 772

American Airlines have Wi-Fi but it is very expensive. It should be purchased before takeoff to avail of more affordable offers. Moreover, it is not available for some international flights and the strength of the internet is not too good for working people.

American Airlines is working to upgrade the strength and quality of inflight Wi-Fi by installing new antennas and new modems by using Gogo’s new 2KU Technology. And it is expected that in near future inflight internet service will be completely free for all types of flights.

Frequently asked questions:
  1. How many devices can we connect through inflight Wi-Fi?

Only one device at a time but now a monthly subscription is available that gives access to two devices.

  1. Can we make phone calls through inflight Wi-Fi?

No, phone calls or voice calls are allowed during flights. Only messages, emails, or other social media apps can be used.

  1. Does American inflight Wi-Fi provide any free service?

You have to install the App before takeoff for free entertainment like movies, dramas, and music but for social connections like messages and emails you have to purchase the internet.

  1. On which devices inflight internet works?

It works on all kinds of devices such as laptops, cell phones, and tablets.

Does American Airlines have Wi-Fi?

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