Walmart Air Mattress Return Policy 2022

Walmart Air Mattress Return Policy

Company Overview

Walmart is one of the world’s largest retailers. It operates chains of discount stores all around the world, selling products in more than 27 countries under different names. Walmart first started as a small variety store in Rogers, Arkansas back in the 1940s. It has grown to one of the largest retail chains in America, with over 11,500 stores under 61 different names worldwide. So, in this article, we will be discussing the Walmart air mattress return policy over here in detail.

Walmart Air Mattress Return Policy Explained!

Walmart is well-known for its wide range of products at affordable prices. However, it’s one policy that Walmart is not particularly known for. The store’s return policy is a bit unique and frustrating to those who try to redeem their items but can’t get a refund or exchange. With the help of this blog post, you will know about the latest Walmart return policy and what you need to know before trying your luck with Wal-Mart’s inflexible policies.

  • The Return Policy – As stated on Wal-Mart’s Return Policy page, the store is not really into giving out refunds or exchanges. So, if you are not satisfied with an item, you will have to return or exchange it for a new one which will be taken from your original payment. This has been the policy for quite some time now and has not changed much over the years but some customers feel that this policy is unfair because before they have to purchase a product to be able to return it.
  • The Rules – The customer must take care of all items and put them back in their original packing state. The items must not be used or have been used at all. The product must not have damages, stains, or other alterations which make it unusable.

The Exceptions – The above rules don’t apply to the following items:

  • Water bottles, cups, plastic bags, diapers, and cribs from the kids’ section
  • Not more than five sets of clothing (dresses and blouses excluded)
  • One pair of shoes for women and boys (shoes for adults excluded)
  • Baby clothes and newborn clothes
  • Air Mattress

The Cost – When you return an item to Wal-Mart, you have to pay for the shipping and handling cost of the product as well. This will only apply to items weighing more than three pounds. Anything that weighs less than three pounds will be given a store credit or refund which can be used anywhere in the store.

Walmart Air Mattress Return Policy

Walmart Air Mattress Return Policy does not accept returns of air mattresses without a receipt, because many customers purchase an air mattress intending to use it for just one night or for their children, who grow out of it quickly. They want to offer these customers new products, so they don’t accept returns without receipts. 

Customers will need their original receipt to get a refund on any air mattress purchased at Walmart stores or online at; this includes ProtectaBed products. All tags must be intact on all merchandise and in original condition when returned–otherwise, they will not be accepted back for return or exchange purposes. Returns without receipts will be accepted only if the product is in its original condition (unused and unopened) and if all tags are intact.


  • Why do I have to call customer service before returning a Walmart air mattress?

If there is any damage caused to the mattress, you will have to call customer service to get an authorization number and return instructions.

  • If I don’t receive a refund is it my responsibility to pay for the return shipping costs? 

No, Walmart pays for all of their product returns! They’ll cover your $30 refund plus some more if the process takes longer than expected.

  • What if I already paid to purchase the product but it’s not in my cart?

If you already paid for a product but did not purchase it, click “My Cart” at the top of the page. You’ll see all products you’ve added to your shopping cart. Next, select “Show more options” located next to your item. You should find a gray “Add to Cart” button on the bottom right corner of each item. Click that button and you should have added that item to your shopping cart.

  • Can I return a product without a receipt?

Walmart’s Return policy states: We do not require a receipt for in-store returns, but we may ask for one in certain circumstances and reserve the right to limit quantities of any returned item. So, Yes you can return a product without a receipt but the product should be in mint condition along with all its original packaging.


I understand why Wal-Mart doesn’t allow people who are not satisfied with their purchases to have their money back. However, some customers feel that this policy is unfair and it should either be changed or improved because customers who are willing to pay a little extra tend to buy more products while they are at Walmart if they know that they can return all of them in case they do not like them.

Walmart Air Mattress Return Policy 2022

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