Does eBay Accept Prepaid Cards?

Here we will see about the Does eBay Accept Prepaid Cards?

eBay is an online platform that enables its customers to buy from other customers. It is an American corporation popularly known worldwide for its auctions. However, when purchasing from the platform, there are some card and money orders a customer cannot use for the transaction.

Does eBay Accept Prepaid Cards?

Paying for purchases on eBay using a prepaid card is accepted. New car owners are advised to activate their cards to avoid the inconvenience of their card being declined. When your card declines, it means you have insufficient funds or either you haven’t activated your account, and it, therefore, it is of one’s interest to contact their card issuer. Below we will be giving you detailed information on your concerns about the policy of the prepaid card by eBay.

Why Have this Policy?

1) Prepaid cards are convenient for customers who have difficulty finding the funds to purchase something they urgently need. However, such services provide criminals with money laundering platforms and exploit other businesses.

2)This policy also allows the platform to protect its customer’s personal information.

3) The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) of the U.S has a regulation on prepaid cards, and eBay so far has been able to follow the governments’ restrictions.

Advantages of Prepaid Cards to Customers

1)Prepaid cards keep gaining popularity due to their flexibility, both debit, and credit-wise. When using a prepaid card, a buyer is likely to cut down on spending. A prepaid card only allows the user to access the amount on the card and no more.

2) It is much safer to use prepaid cards than other traditional payment forms.

Advantages of Prepaid Cards on eBay Businesses

1)Allowing customers to use prepaid cards makes it easier to make payments. Human beings always look for alternatives that will make their work easier. Therefore, allowing buyers to pay using prepaid cards will increase business customers.

2) Transactions made by the prepaid cards are easy to deal with and track, making the business owner’s work easier during daily operations and even during refunds.

Can One Be Refunded After Paying on eBay Using Prepaid Cards?

When a buyer realizes that what they have received from the seller is not exactly what they desired, the seller must refund the buyer. Using a prepaid card refund is possible.

Steps to Acquire Refund

  1. Contact the seller to inform them of the return of the purchase by selecting the return icon on the products window.
  2. State the reason for the return of the product.
  3. Add images of the product to back up your reason
  4. Once the request is approved, your refund process will begin.
  5. The seller would then send your refund back to the card
  6. The buyer must then call the card providers to confirm the refund.


eBay has long been known as one of the most successful online platforms. Such achievements in the business world have been brought about by their ability to have restrictions and policies such as the credit and debit card policy. When a customer violates the policy set by eBay, they are likely to receive bad ratings, their account being taken down, and at times being suspended from accessing their account. Below are some of the modes of payment being accepted by eBay; 

  1. google pay
  2. apple pay
  3. PayPal 

Frequently Asked questions

1)Why may an online purchase using a prepaid card be declined?

There are many reasons why a customer can have their card declined. An example of a reason is when one enters a different address from the one on the card during purchase. 

2)Why does one card keep on being declined when making a purchase online?

When an individual is suspected of fraud, their card is most likely to be rejected. One must contact their card issuer to clarify the issue in such a situation.

3) The difference between a prepaid and debit card?

When we do most of our transactions, these two types of card are what we mostly encounter. The two-cards are, however, different in how they operate. A prepaid card user is expected to deposit money in the card to do their transaction. On the other hand, when using a Debit card, money is automatically deducted from the holder’s account.

4) Cards one can use when paying for a product on eBay?

Most businesses on eBay allow their customers to use their credit or debit card. Visas and Master cards are one of the cards allowed by most of the sellers. Usually, when paying, the seller provides alternative options for the buyer to use. Such methods have proved their efficiency as buyers know how to pay to avoid inconveniences.

5)What are some of the disadvantages of using a prepaid card?

  1. Application and card fee
  2. Transaction fees when paying using the card
  3. Fees charged monthly or even annually to maintain the card
  4. Fees charged when loading the card
  5. Fines for dormant card users
  6. Money is charged when the user wants to close the card
Does eBay Accept Prepaid Cards?

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