Do Food Delivery Services Accept Cash?

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Where digitalism has become a pillar of today, many general ways of doing things are termed as outdated. Many have even been stopped and reduced on a large scale. No matter the task, there is a digital way of carrying it out. Be it ordering, browsing, or even payment, all can be done online. Not just that, there are many options offered for the same so you can pick what suits you best! Do the traditional and raw methods from before still prevail? Not quite, rather there are a few that continue services on the physical platform too. However, the majority has shifted to the digital mode of working. Here, we will tell you that do food delivery services access cash nowadays or not.


Talking about payments, whether it’s bills, banking, or even shopping, there are numerous sources to pay online. What happens to our notes in hand? Very few services offer cash payments. Furthermore, the same is valid only if you physically visit the faculty. You’ll seldom find cash on delivery. However, for the few that do, they seem to be a boon for the likes of those who aren’t well-versed with digital payments. And when it comes to something as crucial and necessary as food, there are multiple reasons why you choose to pay in cash over digital. Yes, there are a few who still accept cash payments. The following article contains information on the popular sites and outlets that accept cash on delivery and more!

About Food Delivery Services: How Do They Work?

No one needs an introduction to what food delivery is. Nothing matches the comfort of your sofa, comfy clothes, and the food on your favorite plate! For many reasons, the fast-paced world being one has led to the rise of food delivery. Whether you’re just not in the mood to get dressed or whether it’s been a long day at work, you make a call and your food is at your door! Ideally, the process is to order online or call and place the order. The food then arrives at your doorstep and you eat! The only thing that differs from each outlet or restaurant is the method by which you pay. While some pay while placing the order, some swipe their cards on the door. Some take the fresh notes out in exchange for a savory package!  

Do food delivery services accept cash? 

Food delivery services do accept cash. However, it is steadily decreasing due to the intention of many digital payment methods. Many companies prefer having transactions in one mode and since digital is the preferred platform, that’s what it is. Food delivery services that accept cash genuinely accept payment after the food has been delivered. At times, there may be a delivery charge and an extra amount to be paid for those opting for cash on delivery. This is another reason why cash on delivery is not available by customers too. Generally, a few food delivery services will allow cash payment. Many may allow cash payment with an extra amount for paying in cash. And the majority work digital-only. Here is a list of food delivery services that accept cash among others

  • Ubereats 

Launched in 2014, Ubereats is an online food delivery app. This allows you to choose from cuisines and pick all you’re in the mood for. Right from browsing to payment, they take care of your foodie desires. They accept cash on payment as well as other forms of payment. 

  • Doordash 

Doordash is an American-based food delivery app that caters to many parts of the USA. They are one of the largest food delivery hubs in America. They too offer an option of payment in cash among others. It allows you to pick from restaurants near you and can choose a cuisine you want closest to you.

  • Zomato 

Zomato is one of the popular food delivery apps all over the world. Anytime you think of ordering food, no matter the country you’re in you’re bound to say ‘let’s Zomato!’ They too offer a wide range of cuisines and restaurants to choose from. They allow cash payments but have quite a few restrictions depending on the amount, order, and more.

  • Seamless 

Seamless is another food delivering app based in America and allows ordering online. They allow cash payments with a few restrictions. They are an app that allows delivery or takeout of your order as per your preference. 


Note that while there are the above-mentioned and a few other food delivery services that accept cash payments, they do so on a limited basis. Their policies, the order, the amount, and many other factors decide whether they will keep the cash payment option open or not. It is ideal to check the details of your order to know whether cash payment is possible or not.


  • What are other methods to pay food delivery guys?

There are many methods apart from cash payments that are widely accepted by food delivery services. These include debit cards, Paytm, google pay, payment through rewards and coupons on the app, and so on. 

  • Does Grubhub accept cash on food delivery? 

Yes, Grubhub is an American food delivery service that accepts cash payments on orders. However, note that they too have their policy of when and how cash payments may be done.

Do Food Delivery Services Accept Cash?

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