Does Publix Rent Carpet Cleaners?

Here we will see about the Does Publix Rent Carpet Cleaners?

Publix is a very huge chain of supermarkets owned and run by the Jenkins family in the USA. It is best categorized as a service and product company. That said, the answer to the topic is yes, Publix rents carpet cleaners. Publix works hand in hand with Rug Doctor Company to offer the best renting services for carpet cleaners.

Does Publix Rent Carpet Cleaners?

Currently, one is only able to rent the carpet cleaners when they are within the USA. Publix is, however, still strategizing on venturing into international markets. Publix is currently the largest grocery store in the United States of America. It has several branches across a number of states in the region.  The main/ headquarters is in Lakeland, the state of Florida. Publix also has a huge number of employees, thanks to the good foundations laid by the founders to add to the good management team plus staff. 

To rent carpet cleaners, one has to follow some procedures like producing the right documents and generally understanding the terms and services before renting the machines. There is also pricing which depends on the number of hours or days agreed between the company and client. The location where the cleaning service is to be done also determines the price to be charged. Another plus that Publix uses amongst other brands, the Rug Doctor Products. The fee charged for using Rug Doctor Products is higher compared to other Brands products. Not a doubt, Publix has the best carpet cleaner solution from Rug Doctor and other selected brands. More details on renting carpet cleaners at Publix are as below.

To Consider Procedures before Renting the Machine

  • Rental policy
  • Pricing
  • Cleaning solution
  • Returning the machine

Rental Policy

A valid photo Identity is a must have document. The cleaning solution has a separate independent purchase that is not inclusive of the machine rental fee. You also pay upfront meaning; an advance and open pay should be done beforehand.


You pay 30 USD for a period of 24 hours, otherwise a day. Beyond 24 hours, there is an increment in rental fee charged, as the agreement states.  Cleaning solution is subject to understanding between the Publix management team and the client. The payment depends also on the location the service is being offered. It is therefore very important to understand the conditions before renting in order to continue with good relations at Publix.

Cleaning Solution

This is a separate purchase before the machine for rent is used. A clear understanding of that is absolutely necessary. Publix sells some brand solutions in their stores. Rug Doctor Brands are also amongst brands sold as cleaning solutions and you’ll always find them in the company’s cleaning aisle. Rug Doctor Products are priced a bit higher compared to products from other brands. The choice of choosing a brand is the client’s sole decision. 

Returning the Machine

It is required that the machine is cleaned thoroughly before returning to Publix. A machine is to be cleaned internally and externally with proper precautions taken.  One has to empty and rinse the water tank and then wipe it down with a soft clean rug. Failure to do that, you will be charged a cleaning fee by Publix.

Does Publix Sell Rug Doctor Products Same Price as it does for other Brands?

No, other brand products for cleaning solutions are sold half the price the Rug Doctor Brand products cost. A client is updated on the same before they are left to make a decision on their own and if not, Publix staff can help out try to reach the right solution. 

Does Publix Inspect the Machines Rented by Clients on Returning?

Yes. It is very important that the machines rented are returned clean and in the same great condition they were in before they were rented out to a client. Thorough check is therefore done by the personnel assigned to do that by Publix. As a client, it is pretty necessary that you inspect the machine well with Publix staff in charge. Ensure the machine is in good shape and also very clean. 

Are The Cleaning Products Genuine?

The product solutions for cleaning are tested and verified. No doubt about that. The Rug Doctor Brand products and other brands are 100 percent genuine. The client reviews tell it all.  Publix is a large company built on honesty and trust. Publix cannot at any given moment trade its integrity for other selfish reasons. The products are genuine and safe to use.

Publix, in conjunction with Rug Doctor, offers the best carpet renting solutions to its clients.  A well-structured management team together with the disciplined staff, Publix clients are with no shadow of doubt, the happiest and most cooperative on the planet. Any day and time the regular clients and aspiring ones can reach out to the most caring customer care services at Publix for inquiries.

Does Publix Rent Carpet Cleaners?

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