Does Publix Sells Flowers?

Flowers are symbolized as love and care, gifting flowers on the occasion of love, grief, celebrations, apologies. It interconnects and brings instantaneous pleasure, joy, and cheerfulness. If you are in Publix, Publix sells customized and pre-arranged bouquets, vases. Publix is a vendor for garden-fresh cut florets, corsages, Floral bouquets and does have a diverse variety of houseplants that are modest. See Does Publix Sells Flowers?

Does Publix Sells Flowers?

Originally, Publix is the American largest and fastest supermarket chain factory, founded by George W. Jenkins. It’s a retail, private and employee-owned company by Jenkins Family. The headquarters is located in Lakeland, Florida US. The company’s outlets are in Georgia, Virginia, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Tennessee. There are a remarkable number of franchises are in Florida with more than 800 stores in operation.

The “Publix” name was endorsed by a New York-based movie theatre company named – Publix Theatres Corporation. The original slogan was – “Florida’s Finest Food Store” which was replaced by “Where Shopping Is a Pleasure” in 1954 by Bill Schroter. This company has survived through The Great Depression and the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In all across the US, Publix sells numerous a variety of flowers such as Roses, Sunflowers, Hydrangeas, Gerbera Daisies, Pom Daisy, Alstro rose, Spray roses, Liles, Combined flowers. It galvanizes with new flowers in every new season. 

From where Publix gets its fresh-cut flowers?

The company provides seasonal as well as all-year-round flowers, thus it makes sure to have a lot of variety for customers. To benefit the company, these flowers are procured from different sellers and bought from the growers who are nearby to the stores possible which ensures less transport cost and Flower arrives 5 to 7 days a week, thus the quality remains extraordinarily fresh as it arrives directly from the growers. 

To purchase flowers for any occasion, the floral department of the local Publix store all across the US has an amazing variety to choose from, from fresh cuts to potted plants, further down in the list which is available at the store. 

Fresh cut flowers Collection

  1. Fresh cut Hydrangea
  2. Designer Daisy bunch
  3. Garden Gogo’s Bouquet 
  4. Assorted Jumbo’s Mums 
  5. Novelty Pom Daisy Bunch 
  6. Bloomaker Classic Water Blooms 
  7. Azalea
  8. Passion Grow Gerbera Daisy bunch
  9. Universal American Flowers Southern Charm Floral Arrangement.  

Potted Plants at Publix

  1. Bulb Plants
  2. Orchid Deco pant 
  3. Pelee Mums
  4. 6-inch Assorted potted herbs
  5. Poinsettias
  6. Chrysanthemums

Publix also delivers bouquets through Instacart and you can acquire through delivery, the same products which are available in the stores. The below is an exclusive list of the bouquets (

Flower – Bouquets at Publix

  1. Classic dozen roses
  2. Baby’s breath Bunch
  3. Premium Colored Rose Bouquet 
  4. Fancy Carnation Bunch
  5. Key West Sunset bouquet
  6. Lakeshore 4“ Assorted Blooms\
  7. Pura Vida Flower bouquet
  8. Silver vase 5“ Everyday Phalaenopsis Orchid
  9. Garden Delight arrangement 
  10. Little Prarie Bouquet
  11. Publix Premium Floral Bouquet (20-stem)
  12.  Vase ready euro bouquet 
  13.  Salsa combo Floral bouquet 
  14.  Earth smart Floral Bouquet
  15.  SB picnic basket bouquet
  16.  10-stem tulip bouquet

To make your wedding more elegant, each Publix store in the US also sells a wedding flowers collection for your special day! The collection includes – 

Wedding Flower Collection at Publix

  1. Pearl Perfect
  2. Floral Dream
  3. Amber Romance
  4. Velvet Dream
  5. Forever Coral  
  6. Bridal Bouquet
  7. Flower Girl bouquet
  8. Flower Crown
  9. Bridesmaids Bouquet
  10.  Pin-On and Wrist Corsages
  11. Centerpieces
  12.  Flower Crown
  13.  Garland
  14.  Boutonnieres
  15.  Flower Arc
  16.  Aisle Markers 

Flower Bouquets For Holidays

Publix has a lovely diverse collection of bouquets and in-garden fresh cut flowers for Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and much more! Over and above that it also offers a guide ( to Christmas and Holiday floral arrangements which includes – 

  1. Red and Green Christmas Bouquet
  2. White, Gold, and Green holiday Centerpiece
  3. Classic red and holiday arrangement 
  4. Candy Cane centerpiece. 


Publix is one of the largest grocery chain companies which employs over 200,000 people to work. It is very successful because they treat the people with dignity and stake them in the company’s success. 

The company doesn’t sell edible flowers but fresh flowers, potted plants in addition to Bouquets, Corsages, Floral wedding collections, Holiday flowers, and Floral arrangements through Instacart or in-store. 

  1. What is the average cost of flowers at Publix?

It costs $10.00 for fresh flowers bouquets and $12.00 for a customized bouquet where one can pick and choose your most liked contrasting-colored florets. Any other Live plants will cost you $29.99 to $59.99.

  1. Does Publix sell Succulents?

There are 3 common succulents sold at the local Publix stores. 

  1. Aloe Vera – Aloe is mostly known for its medicinal properties and it suits well to your garden. It grows 24 to 40 inches and is to be watered well only if the soil is dry. Place the plant in partially shaded sunlight.  
  2. Echeveria – Echeveria is commonly known for rosette-shaped leaves. Echeveria runyonii is one of the typical varieties that has sprout star-shaped flowers and it grows in long stems. The mature plant grows only till 12inches and the plant shall be placed in indirect sunlight. It should be watered only if the soil is dry. 
  3. Haworthia – They are known for long succulents and the aloe haworthia is the most prominent sold in the store Some species grow up to 12 feet tall at their peak while some reach only 2 inches in height. It needs indirect sunlight and should be watered if the soil is dry. 

3. As a Supermarket chain company, what other products are sold in Publix?

In addition, it also markets – Sub-Sandwiches, frozen vegetables, Fried Chicken, Canned beans, Pre-packaged bread, bakery cookies, meals for toddlers up to 2 years old, dairy, Pre-made Sushi, Thanksgiving Dinner, Last-minute ingredients, credible seafood, Liquors, pasta, and frozen meat.  

Does Publix Sells Flowers?

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