Does Stanley Steemer Clean Oriental Rugs?

Here we will see about the Does Stanley Steemer Clean Oriental Rugs?

Ever considered decorating your space with an ostentatious carpet but found yourself stuck with the idea of maintaining it? Many professionals.My people consider the cost of getting an oriental rug and want it to be cleaned only by professionals, so it does not get ruined. Hence, they engage the service of reliable rug cleaning.

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Oriental Rugs?

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Oriental Rugs?

Yes, Stanley Steemer cleans oriental rugs. They use a 4-step high-tech cleaning process to ensure their customers’ oriental rugs look as clean as new.

The American cleaning service achieves the deepest possible cleaning by using a process that is safe for the environment, family, and oriental rugs. Their cleaning solution for carpet and upholstery is certified by EPA Safer Choice. This means there are no traces of chemicals or cleaning agents left behind, after their cleaning service.

Oriental rugs require delicate cleaning to maintain their fine texture and high-grade quality. Therefore, choosing the wrong materials can cause irreversible damage to the carpets. However, Stanley Steemer has shown many years of expertise in cleaning oriental rugs with even the most intricate designs and details.

What are Oriental Rugs?

Oriental rugs are handmade rugs from China, India, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, and other places in Asia. They are made from weaves either using Senneh knots or Ghiordes knot of Persian or Turkish descent respectively. The materials used in making oriental rugs are often a combination of wool, silk, and goat hair, depending on where they come from.

The design of oriental rugs also depends on where they are made. They could be patterns of central medallion, geometric tribal patterns, or floral prints.

Signs That Your Oriental Rug Needs Cleaning

Sometimes, you may not give much thought to how clean your rug is until you notice a large stain from a spill or something similar. Because it shows dirt in a gradual way, and this only becomes noticeable when the dirt has spread fully across the carpet, you may not notice how filthy the rug is, on time. Here are tell-tale signs your rug needs deep cleaning from a professional:

It has a noticeable smell

When the rug is no longer new, it may be difficult to recollect the memory of what smell it had. Also, using fresheners and deodorizers may be a quick fix but they don’t usually keep the awful smell of dirt at bay for a long time. You may want to catch a whiff of what your rugsmells like to be double sure. If you notice a strange or unpleasant smell, it’s already time to deep-clean your oriental rug.

Your Oriental Rug has Visible Stains

A small stain may not be enough to warrant a complete cleaning of your rug. But if you notice so many stains at the same time, then you should not put off cleaning your oriental rug any longer.

The Rug Causes Allergies

Oriental rugs, like any other rug or carpet, attract particles such as dust, pollen, and other debris that could cause allergic reactions. This is needed if you have pets, as they often get their fur on the rug.

Ideally, you should clean your rug every one or two years.

How Do People Care for Oriental Rugs?

People invest more care in oriental rugs than regular rugs primarily because it costs a fortune to replace, and also because a well-maintained oriental rug can last for hundreds of years. Here are different ways people maintain their oriental rugs:

  • Regular vacuuming
  • Airing out to prevent mold growth
  • Rotation to evenly distribute its fading
  • Keeping the rug away from sunlight
  • Promptly cleaning spills

How Does Stanley Steemer Clean Oriental Rugs

Stanley Steemer recommends that oriental rugs should be cleaned at one of their off-site rug cleaning facilities, instead of in-home area rug cleaning because at their off-site rug cleaning facilities, they can be meticulous. They also have top-of-line machinery at these sites that enable them safely clean, eradicate pet urine accidents, odors and stains without your carpet undergoing the risk of damage.

  1. First, they pick up the Oriental rug from your home and take it to their rug-cleaning plant, where they use high-tech machinery to clean the rug gently.
  2. Then, they loosen and remove dry dirt by running the rug through a rug duster.
  3. Next, they apply a pet urine treatment to eradicate urine smell.
  4. Then, they place the Oriental rug in an electronic washtub. The rug is placed under intense pressure and Stanley Steemer’s cleaning solution is used to remove deep-seating dirt from inside the fiber.
  5. Your oriental rug is left to dry in an ecologically-safe environment.
  6. The pristine-clean rug is delivered to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Stanley Steemer charge to clean oriental rugs?

Stanley Steemer’s charge to clean oriental rugs depends on the size of their rug. Interested persons can get a quote by dialing 1-800-STEEMER.

Does Stanley Steemer use steam to clean area rugs?

No, Stanley Steemer does not use steam to clean oriental rugs. They use a process called hot water extraction and provide more information about the area rugs.

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Oriental Rugs?

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