Does Stanley Steemer Clean Cars?

does Stanley Steemer Clean Cars

Stanley Steemer was founded in 1947 by Jack A. Bates in Dublin. It is an American company and provides the best cleaning services including, floor cleaning, rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc. It is one of the leading companies providing cleaning services in both commercial and residential areas. It has been a prominent member in this field for over 70 years and has made many loyal clients through its franchises available in 49 states. It is headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, United States, and earns hefty revenue every year.  This article will answer your question ‘Does Stanley Steemer Clean Cars?’.

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Cars?

The cleaning of the car interior is one of the most difficult tasks that one could find. Many people only decide to clean the cars when they have almost turned into a dirty dump yard with patches of dirt and food stuck. Have you ever looked at your car after a trip and thought- ‘What in god’s name happened here?’

Yes, you must have, if you are here reading this article. One always starts with wet clothes, shampoo, and soaps but very soon you realize that these things are not helpful at all and you need a professional to clean them.

At that time, Stanley Steemer will help you. It specializes in cleaning cars, boats, and RVs. They ensure that your money would not go to waste and give amazing results. Its technicians are trained and use proper techniques to clean the dirt from the interiors. This cleaning is done by a proper analysis which includes-

1. Identifying the problem areas.

2. Using the hot water extraction method for cleaning the car thoroughly. Vacuum the car to get rid of any dirt left.

3. Finally, getting the best results.

In case you are not satisfied with their work you can even put a complaint on their customer helpdesk and hopefully they will reply to you soon. If you think their work is not satisfying, you can ask for a refund or simply ask for another visit by the technicians.

You can also reschedule your appointment if you have some work. The number for rescheduling or canceling is 1-800- STEEMER.

What other things does Stanley Steemer clean?

Stanley Steemer also specializes in cleaning other things like-

1. Carpet

2. Upholstery

3. Rugs

4. Tiles

5. Furniture

6. Air duct

7. Boats

The workers follow a whole procedure to clean the things and they do it with utmost care. They make sure that your goods and assets get as good as new with no damage done to them.

Tip- Always make sure that you leave the carpets and rugs to get dry before putting any furniture over them. Not doing so can damage both the carpets and your furniture.

Other services provided by Stanley Steemer

1. Protector- The technicians will apply a spray-down protector on your furniture, etc to give them a longer life. This is a must if your carpet is old and being used for years.

2. Enzyme- It is a kind of treatment to remove the odor from the used carpets, rugs, etc. It doesn’t add any fragrance rather kills the bacteria creating the odor.

Is Stanley Steemer worth it?

According to the reviews, Stanley Steemer is very helpful, punctual and their technicians are polite. The work is done effectively and efficiently. Some reviews say that their furniture, cars, rugs, and carpets became new after Stanley Steemer cleaned them. But there are some reviews which are totally against these. 

People find the charges high and work not being done properly. So we can say that this is quite a risky call but a necessary one for taking care of your vehicles and things.


Stanley Steemer is a must-try when you are looking for a cleaning company for your car. They provide quality work and charge according to it. So you might need to use some extra money but they are worth it.

You can also make your call after reading more about their works on their site. Read some reviews for further understanding and then decide if Stanley Steemer is worth it.

Some faqs related to Stanley Steemer-

  1. Do you get immediate appointments at Stanley Steemer?

Ans- If they are not busy then you can get an immediate appointment otherwise you may have to wait.

  1. What if I’m not satisfied with Stanley Steemer’s cleaning?

Ans- Ring their customer’s helpdesk and have a little chat with them. Hopefully, they will arrange another appointment for you.

  1. Is it compulsory to tip Stanley Steemer?

Ans- No, it is not a compulsion but it is good to tip them for their hard work. It is your choice.

  1. Does Stanley Steemer remove all the old stains?

Ans- No, sometimes it is almost impossible to get rid of old stains but they try their hardest to minimize them.

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Cars?

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