How to Check if Walmart has something in Stock?

Here we will see about the How to Check if Walmart has something in Stock?

Checking for an item or product of your choice at Walmart remotely can help you reduce extra cost especially when your local Walmart is not closeby. It also comes in handy when checking if you are to print a coupon or not.

How to Check if Walmart has something in Stock?

If your goal is to get into Walmart, get what you are looking for and get out then there are a few ways to go about it.

Check Online:

The first method of  checking if Walmart has your item in stock is to go to the Walmart site.

  • 1.Go to
  • 2.Setup an account and login
  • 3.Go to store finder
  • 4.Scroll down and type in the zip code of the store you want to shop at.
  • 5.Click “Check inventory”, the site will pull up a list of stores around you.
  • 6.Click the drop-down “my local store” so it would stick.
  • 7.In “my local store”, you will be shown a list of Walmart stores around you. Pick the one closest to you.
  • 8.In your local store, check if the store has the item you are looking for. You can also check if an available item is available for shipping.
  1. Call Your Local Store: If you already have a local store nearby then you might need to call the customer care counter to assist you in checking if the item of your choice is in the Walmart store. In doing so, be sure to have detailed information including a UPC number.

Unfortunately, because of the coronavirus pandemic, you might get no response or delays in response time of the customer care service or experience a hold in your call as a result of fewer working hours given to the customer care workers by Walmart causing a traffic in calls at working hours. 

Still, one of the best methods of checking if Walmart has something in stock is to check directly from Walmart’s website.

  1. Use Walmart’s Brickseek Inventory Checker: To check for a choice item on Walmart, you need to make sure the following information are made ready: 
  • Your zip code
  • The SKU number or UPC number

Go to the Walmart brickseek inventory checker. Enter  your zip code, the SKU number or the UPC number of the item you want to purchase and click on the “check inventory”. You will be shown the item, its availability in stores close to your location, the item’s price and how many they are in stock. 

You might be wondering how  to get your “SKU number”. That’s easy! To get the SKU number for a product you want to purchase, browse the item on Walmart store and when you are shown the item, copy the number that comes after the name in the URL. 

For example, to get the SKU number for this item “Cherokee Workwear Professionals Maternity Scrubs Pant for Women Maternity Straight Leg WW220T, M Tall, Olive” browse the item on Walmart website and copy the number that comes after the item name in the URL.

  1. Use Walmart’s Search My Store: Walmart has a built in feature that focuses on providing key information about any item you want to purchase. Through this app you will not only know if the item is available but also the stores it can be located near you. 

According to Ravi Jariwala, Director of Public Relations at Walmart, San Francisco, “it’s like having  your own personal assistant with you.” 

What if the Product of your Choice has gone out of Stock?

This might sound like a problem but it’s no big deal as it means that Walmart is currently ordering more. What you  need to do is return periodically to see if the item is back in stock. When this will be is not a given.

You might also get a situation where Walmart runs out of an item while processing your order. In this case, Walmart will send you an email when this occurs and  also when the product becomes available.

In order to get this email, simply select “get in-stock alert” while purchasing the item on the item webpage and enter your email address. Then, you can easily track your item because you will be sent a notification email when the item is back in stock.

What if you want more than one of an item but the site gives you less than the desired quantity? 

This means that Walmart has some limitations on how the item can be shipped to you and they cannot send more than the quantity limit they gave.

In Conclusion, it’s advisable to check if Walmart has something in stock before you take the trip to a nearby Walmart store so you won’t get disappointed when you find out that what you want to buy isn’t in store at the moment.

How to Check if Walmart has something in Stock?

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