How Hot Is Starbucks Coffee?

Here we will see about the How Hot Is Starbucks Coffee?

Every coffee lover has a desired temperature for his/her coffee, so is for every coffee brand out there. For many of us who are Starbucks lovers, this arouses a question.

How hot is Starbucks Coffee?

A Hot Starbucks Coffee goes in between the temperature of 150 to 170 Degrees Fahrenheit. On customer’s demand, they can make it as low as 130 degrees for children and as high as 180 to 185 degrees for adults.

How Hot Is Starbucks Coffee?

Making Of Hot Starbucks Coffee:

The process involves the check balance measurements. You can’t get the desired taste if you don’t put your hands tight into the making. Starbucks follows a few common but at the same time critical steps.

Right Quality:

For Starbucks quality is everything. They just don’t add any coffee or any quality of water in their coffees. Also, they don’t use pre-ground coffee beans, fresh coffee beans are the key. Furthermore, they use fresh and pure water, boiled at the level of removing every impurity.

Right Quantity:

It’s the main step, to begin with, you can’t just use any quantity you want. Starbucks follows a portion of 2 tablespoons(10 grams) of coffee for six ounces of water. A little high or low in quantity will give you a different taste.

Brewing Methods:

The taste of your coffee majorly depends on the brewing method you’re following. Starbucks follows a lot of brewing techniques but some majors are pour-over, coffee press, espresso and traditional drip coffee. Let’s take the most flavourful method. 

Coffee Press:

Take salt sized grounded coffee and fill the pot of coffee press, then get water right from hot pipes and fill the press with it. Wait a few minutes to let them mix(this method is the most flavourful because there is no filter paper used in this method which won’t absolve the oil from beans).

Pour The Coffee:

Starbucks have their special mugs and paper cups. They will pour the coffee in the cup or mug and add flavor shots(if it is flavored coffee), add sweet(if asked), add a little milk and cream, stir the coffee and pull some coffee barista techniques over it. Also, they will add some misspellings of your name over the cup to make it look more enthusiastic.

And you’re good to go.


Why Did Starbucks Choose This Temperature?

Making coffee is a passion more than a profession. Coffee lovers are obsessed with everything about coffee, from right beans and quantity to right grinding machines to the smell of coffee. So how come they adjust with the temperature, if it is not good?

 Starbucks does know this and understands the physics behind the temperature. As Starbucks uses water right away from the hot pipes, its temperature is most probably at 195F to 205F. If it is lower than 195F it won’t brew a good coffee and if it is higher than 205F it will burn the coffee. With the method that follows, they will brew it with this temperature and then bring it to 175 and serve it at 170F mostly.

The physics behind this is, if the milk is poured at a temperature of above 185 it will give a burnt taste and if it is poured below 175F it will lose its flavor. It should be between 175 to 185F. And then if you want your coffee to be at 150 and lower than this, they will add ice on the top and won’t let you compromise the taste.

Best Hot Starbuck Coffees

  1. White Chocolate Mocha: (S: Tall=$3.75)

It is the most loved coffee by Starbucks lovers. It is made with chocolate syrup and steamed milk and frothy cream at the top. The sip is the love in every season.

  1. Cafe Americano: (S: Tall=$2.25)

As the name suggests. It is the coffee of Americans. It is a delight in simplicity, an espresso with hot water(add flavor if you want) and you’ll be fully awake at the first sip.

  1. Caramel Machhiato: (S: Tall=$3.75)

It is a sweet, cute coffee, flavored with vanilla and caramel syrup followed by steamed milk and espresso. Coffee flavored with caramel, what else would you want?

  1. Blonde Vanilla Latte(S: Tall=$5.09)

It is a blend of vanilla syrup, blonde espresso beans and little to no milk. This is the smoothest of drinks with fewer acids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:1 What is the hottest coffee at Starbucks?

A: Cafe Americano is the hottest coffee at Starbucks.

Q:2 Which coffee at Starbucks has the most caffeine?

A: Blonde Roast Brewed Coffee has the most caffeine in Starbucks Coffees.

Q:3 Why are Starbucks coffees so acidic?

A: Starbucks roast their beans at large and at high temperatures which makes them strong but acidic too.

Q:4 Which Starbucks Coffee is gluten-free?

A: Almost all of the milk-free espressos are gluten-free, which might be Latte or Americano.

How Hot Is Starbucks Coffee?

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