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From frying eggs to grilling a steak and even trying a hand at risotto, all of these dishes require a pan. You can be a college student who just needs eggs or a grilled cheese sandwich, thus a frying pan is for you. A traveller returning home and wanting to replicate dishes you have eaten on your travels, the wok will be your ally in the kitchen. The burgeoning home cook who wants to introduce French breakfast classics with a crepe pan into their kitchen. The Ikea pan series is in your ballpark with pans that are durable and most importantly affordable.

Ikea Pans 

Pans are an essential, versatile tool in any kitchen and the right pan must also be durable. Ikea has a great range that fits into all three categories. IKEA pans come with non-stick coating and uncoated, and for those who are environmentally conscious the IKEA range comes in three recyclable materials, aluminium, carbon steel and stainless steel.

IKEA pans come in six series or ranges: 

  • IKEA 365+ : clean lines, practical  
  • Vardagen: starting price on the cheaper side. Great for dorm rooms, sharing apartment
  • Sensuell: heavyweight. For the home cook who knows about a steady pan and even heating  
  • Hemlagad : great for the student who wants something a bit more steadier than the Vardagen
  • Kavalkad: offers the everyday pan
  • Oumbӓrlig : great for  a ‘grown up’  set in your own kitchen and you want nice things 

The series/range has a variety of pans for all cuisines with the IKEA 365+ being newer of the series.

The series/range offer durable frying pans, the IKEA 365 n also offers a grill pan and the Hemlagad includes a crepe/pancake pan.

The types of pans on offer.

  • Grill: easy to handle and come with the grill marks
  • Sauté: light and no need to worry about scorch marks 
  • Woks: sturdy handles for any cuisine 
  • Frying: your everyday durable pan 


One of the most positive things about IKEA is their affordability. You could be moving out on your own, sharing an apartment, buying your first home or refurbishing your kitchen. IKEA has a range for everyone within different budgets. Such as the Kavalkad by far being the most affordable and the Sensuell being the most expensive at $59.99 for a 13″ frying pan. 

  • The lowest price range $3.49- $9.99
  • Highest price range $10.00-$59.99

Even if you are not sure of what pan you are thinking, there is a guarantee that your pocket will not suffer.  


The series/range comes in different sizes that can accommodate the amount of food that will be served. Sizes vary from 5″ (which is great for eggs or a grilled cheese sandwich) to 13″ pans. IKEA also stocks 9½” pan (only in the USA).


All of the pans in this series/range are able to be used on all stovetops. From gas to an induction stove. Sadly not all pans are created equal. The Vardagen, Sensuell, IKEA 365+ and Oumbӓrlig are oven safe as others are not. IKEA pans usually don’t come with a lid, the lid has to be bought separately. A sauté pan and wok would include a lid in the original price. 

Overall the IKEA series/range of pans have something for everyone. If you are looking for something light and affordable the Kavalkad is a winner. You want to bring a little glamour to your pan selection, the 11″ Oumbӓrlig rose gold coated is a great contender. If you are looking at a top of the range pan at an affordable cost, the Sensuell is a great pairing. Good quality pans that can fit in any budget, easy to maintain, classic lines, classic design and easily no frills but thrills the IKEA pans are worth a look.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do IKEA pans last?

Up to 25years warranty included. The IKEA 365+ and other cookware series without non-stick coating is 15years and 5 years for those with a non-stick coating.  While the other series from Trovardig, Vardagen, Oumbӓrlig, Kavalkad and Hemlagad are warrantied for 5 years. The Sensuell, which is the top of the series/range has a 25 year warranty. Please note, these warranties are limited and only available for the USA stores.

Does IKEA US deliver? 

Yes, IKEA delivers small and large packages and they offer self-pick up. 

Are IKEA pans dishwasher safe?

Stainless steel, such as the Sensuell would be considered dishwasher safe. Keep in mind that carbon steel and aluminium is not dishwasher safe. Best to keep to the old ways of cleaning dishes. Please remember to read the instruction booklet of any cooking set you buy.

Are IKEA pans good quality? 

IKEA prides itself for producing good quality products crafted with stainless steel and environmentally friendly materials. Please go through the right channels before you recycle on your property, either it be a landlord, building agent or otherwise.

Ikea Pans 

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