Is Aldi Meat Halal?- Everything You Need To Know

Halal means food or products that have been certified for consumption of and use by the people of Islamic faith. Islam has a set of rules and regulations governing food consumption, especially when it comes to meat products. It is important for a Muslim to be assured that the food or product they are consuming is halal.

Is Aldi Meat Halal?

Most businesses and companies can get halal certification. This is not compulsory and some businesses do not get it. Aldi has no halal certification even though it has products that meet the halal requirements.

What is Not Halal in Islam?

What is not Halal in Islam, is considered Haram. Here are a number of things that are Haram.


Meat of an animal that was slaughtered by a non-Muslim or without invoking Allah’s name

Meat of an animal that was found dead

Pork and all pig products


Ethyl alcohol can be absorbed into the skin and into the blood. Therefore, all products that contain ethyl alcohol are haram. However, fish and fish products are halal because fish cannot be slaughtered or caught alive.

Halal products must not contain even a small amount of ingredient that is haram. They must also be produced using materials that have not been in contact with haram products.

Why Eat Halal Meat?

Halal meat often comes from a healthy slaughtered animal. That means less exposure to bacteria or other harmful microorganisms. The meat comes from animals that eat only grass.

They therefore, have less chance of contamination and food poisoning. Halal meat comes from an animal whose blood is completely drained after being slaughtered. The blood could contain harmful substances; hence the meat becomes healthier.

Where to Get Halal Meat?

Since Aldi meat is not halal certified, there are a few other places you can find halal certified products.

Whole foods

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Burger King


Some Nando’s outlets

What To Do if You Cannot Find Halal Certified Food?

Opting for a vegetarian menu: vegetarian menus are unlikely to contain haram products or ingredients as they are vegetables. You can ask about the cooking to be sure they are fully halal.

Buy snacks with listed ingredients that do not contain haram products: packaged snacks have the ingredients listed. You can check and see whether they contain any haram products. There are a variety of snacks that are guaranteed to be halal.

Buy fish products or seafood as they are highly likely to be halal: most seafood is halal in Islam. Ask about the preparation conditions or buy the processed tuna if you are not sure.

Take a drink like coffee or juice: most drinks are halal, unless they contain alcohol. Take a soda or a freshly prepared fruit juice.

Animal products such as yoghurt or mala can be an option: milk is always halal as long as it comes from a halal animal. You can never go wrong with yogurt or mala.

Carry home-cooked meal if you suspect you might not be able to find halal food where you are going: this means that you have checked out the location you are going to. If there is unlikely to be halal food, carry your own meal to avoid the trouble.

Fruits: fruits are halal. They can hold off your hunger until you can get to a place where you can find halal food.


Halal products are really important to the Muslim community. They want to enjoy all their favourite foods but within the regulations of the Islamic faith. While it is challenging to find halal products, they are available in particular places. The certification is not compulsory for business to take but some businesses have been certified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Muslims only eat halal products?

It is in accordance with the Islamic shariah law and must be upheld. Halal meat is believed to be safer and cleaner for consumption by the Muslim community. Anything that is not halal is considered a contamination and are avoided.

What is the difference between halal and regular meat?

Halal meat and meat products come from animals that are certified for consumption by the Islamic faith. They are slaughtered according to the Islamic regulations. Unlike regular meat, halal meat and meat products meet the criteria of consumable meat by a Muslim.

Who can get the halal certification?

Any business that sells products that include meat and meat products can get a halal certification. There are governing bodies that issue the certification after a set of procedures that include assessing the products and the facility.

Why should a business get halal certification?

It gives them a pool of more consumers which definitely increases their income. It is also important to the Muslims within the area who would like to purchase halal food and products only.

Is Aldi Meat Halal?- Everything You Need To Know

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