Where Does Aldi Get Their Chicken?

Founded in 1946, Aldi is a German-based supermarket chain operating in over 20 countries. With over 2,000 stores operating across 36 states in the US, Aldi has everything to offer, ranging from food products to other household items at low and discounted prices. The supermarket chain takes pride in selling the award-winning meat range. Read on to find what makes Aldi’s meat unique and where they procure their chicken from?

Where Does Aldi Get Their Chicken?

Where Does Aldi Get Their Chicken?

Since July 2019, Aldi US has been following a strict animal welfare buying policy. As per this policy, Aldi sources all animal food products ethically and is committed to sustainability. The company is strictly against any kind of animal abuse.  

The supermarket chain doesn’t raise the animals or own any facilities to raise them. Instead, they source their meat and other animal food products from suppliers who raise the animals ethically. Aldi ensures that all animal-based food products sold under their label named Kirkwood are sourced responsibly. 

Aldi sources all its chicken products, including frozen and processed ones, from Tyson Chicken Company. The sourced products are then packed and labeled in Aldi’s brand. 

Why is Aldi Meat so Cheap?

Aldi is best known for offering household products at discounted prices, including meat cuts. The low costs keep users speculating about the quality of the products offered. While providing products at low costs, Aldi doesn’t compromise on their quality. Here are some of the reasons why Aldi’s meat is cheap.

  • Aldi keeps itself low, be it with the staffing or the number of products they offer. The stores at different locations sell products according to local preferences, eliminating food wastage. The company refrains itself from selling unusual meat cuts and stocks up fewer products, reducing the inventory expenses.
  • Coming to the staff, Aldi employs limited staff in its stores. The company hires candidates to perform multiple roles, bringing down the business-related costs. 
  • The company eliminates transportation costs by going local with its products. It partners with local farmers to provide fresh products to its customers. By doing this, they are eliminating the extra expenses of partnering with a meat supplier. 
  • As mentioned above, Aldi integrates with local farmers to sell their produce under its brand. By partnering with the local, less known brands, Aldi saves itself from a lot of spending.
  • Aldi customers can’t get meat cuttings as per their requirements. Instead, Aldi sells processed meat cuts. Unlike other significant supermarkets, Aldi doesn’t employ an in-house butcher, saving a lot of money. 

Aldi takes all of the steps mentioned above to offer products to its customers at the lowest prices while retaining its profits. 


Aldi is working towards putting an end to animal cruelty while raising them. As part of this, Aldi adopted a strict animal welfare buying policy from July 2019. The company sources all of its meat from local farmers who raise the animals ethically and sells it under their brand label, Kirkwood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aldi’s meat organic?

Aldi has a separate brand- Simply Nature, which sells organic products. As per the Animal Welfare Buying Policy of July 2019, the company sources its meat ethically, raised in modern, well-ventilated open barns. 

The use of steroids and hormones while raising animals is strictly prohibited. Aldi offers a range of meat and other products free of chemicals under Simply Nature’s brand name. 

Is Aldi’s chicken good to consume?

Aldi partners with the farmers in surrounding areas and procures chicken from only those farmers who grow their chicken in natural, clean, and hygienic surroundings. The chicken is free of any steroids and hormones and contains less saturated fat and sodium in comparison to other processed meats. It comes at a lower cost and makes up a great dish. Chicken is one of the best buys one can get from Aldi. 

What is the minimum hiring age at Aldi?

To be an employee at Aldi, the candidate should meet the minimum age of eighteen years. While keeping eighteen years as the minimum hiring age, Aldi is aware of the different state laws and adheres to them accordingly. Only the candidates who are eighteen years or older are hired to work at the supermarket chain. 

Who are Aldi’s competitors?

Aldi is one of the top ten supermarket chains in the US. Several other supermarket chains in the US compete with Aldi by offering quality products at discounted prices. Here’s a list of Aldi’s competitors in the US- Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, Penny Market, Krogers. 

What is the best day to shop at Aldi?

Aldi stocks up on goods in limited quantities to prevent inventory and wastage costs. Due to this, most best-selling products go out of stock immediately after hitting the shelves. So, to find all the products and get special deals, the best time to shop at Aldi is Wednesday. This is because Aldi restocks its shelves every Wednesday, offering crazy deals on meat products. 

Where Does Aldi Get Their Chicken?

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