What are Aldi Coffee Pods?

Who isn’t addicted to coffee? The freshly brewed aroma and a variety of flavors can kick start anyone’s day. Coffee is one of the socially acceptable addictions we can think of. The amount of caffeine present in it helps in reducing fatigue, increases alertness and concentration at work. See What are Aldi Coffee Pods?

What are Aldi Coffee Pods?

Aldi coffee pods available under the name of Barissimo label is surely going to develop a great sense of taste for coffee if you haven’t experienced it yet. The coffee pods are available in decaf, regular and six different flavors to give your taste buds a treat. But like others, you might be wondering about why to switch to coffee pods?

Then let me tell you the consistent taste you look for in cafes and restaurants is simply the magic of coffee pods. These are pre grounded coffee in a tiny packet that lets you relish the same taste every time you have it. To let you dive into a pool of coffee whether it is weekend or in the middle of the day, 

Aldi Coffee Pods

  • Aldi’s Breakfast blend coffee pods will make you feel renewed in no time. From light to medium roasted and made with Arabica Coffee will fuel you for the rest of the day. 
  • To get a creamy, soft and rich taste, get your hands on Aldi’s Caramel or French Vanilla and Hazelnut coffee pods.
  • Decaf Breakfast blend and Fair trade Colombian Coffee are the other variants that people die for.
  • The best part about Barissimo Coffee is that they love to innovate and engage in surprising their customers with different flavors from time to time. To beat the chills in the winter season, they come up with peppermint mocha. In the season of love, you can expect them to treat you with valentine chocolates. Seriously, they never fail to surprise their clients. You will fall short of remembering the coffee flavors but Aldi will never. I know you are excited too to have a deeper insight on the other flavors. Let’s check out some more of them. 

Ristretto Coffee pods

In Italian, Ristretto means to restrict something. In these types of coffee pods, coffee is made with less water and is richer than an espresso.  It is a bit sweeter and more concentrated and compatible with Nespresso coffee machines.

Decaf Lungo coffee pods

Lungo literally means a long coffee which gives you more time to enjoy it. It a decaffeinated version of coffee but has an extremely blissful flavor.

Colombian Coffee pods

The most flavorful and delicious flavor which is roasted to a medium level is none other than Colombian coffee. It doesn’t taste bitter and good for those who like to keep their coffee not too strong. 

Espresso Coffee pods

Looking for a rich and elegant flavor to uplift your mood, espresso coffee can be your bestie. 

Ethiopian Coffee pods

Made from the finest tree plants of Ethiopia, Ethiopian coffee pods are a perfect coffee that goes great along espresso.  

Kenyan Coffee pods

Kenya is among the top 20 producers of coffee in the world. A blend of sweet and acidic coffee that tastes fruity and citrusy is the most unique flavor that Kenyan coffee pods offer. 

On a survey conducted on more than a thousand coffee consumers, Aldi’s coffee has been adjudged as Australia’s one of the ‘best coffee brands’.  Aldi’s Lazzio coffee range is the most loved category and has received 5 star rating and positive and fantastic reviews from its loyal customers. Beating its competitors such as Grinders, Lavazza and many more, Aldi has prominently captured the Australian market amidst the pandemic situation. 

Aldi coffee pods are available as a single pack for trial as well or you can grab the whole pack of pods to keep you warm in the chilly winters. You just need a coffee capsule machine or any Nespresso machine to enjoy the thick creamy flavors. From standard to next day delivery, you can either order online or buy from a store nearby. 

From strong to lightly flavored, coffee pods to beans and from espresso Kenyan pods, Aldi has your back covered. 

Is Aldi Coffee cheap?

Yes of course. It’s cheaper than Starbucks, Mcdonalds or Dunkin’ and yet tastes great.

Is it worth spending money?

Aldi has the freshest coffee pods in town and without compromising on quality offer the clients the best of coffee. All the different flavors taste heavenly and are easy on the pocket. So go grab yours now. 

Are the coffee pods compatible with Keurig Machines?

Yes, absolutely, all models. 


If you are looking for an inexpensive way to have almost café like coffee, then you got to try Aldi coffee pods. They can fit into Keurig Machines as well as Nespresso machines and surely are worth giving a try for people who have a heart for coffee. 

What are Aldi Coffee Pods?

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