Do IKEA Lamps Need IKEA Bulbs?

Here we will see about the Do IKEA Lamps Need IKEA Bulbs?

Do IKEA Lamps Need IKEA Bulbs?
In a world where interior design is given importance, lights and lamps act as key elements to set the mood, adding beauty to the space and making it more lively. IKEA offers a wide variety of lamps to brighten your favorite corner. 
But what if the IKEA lamp gets fused? Are they compatible with other bulbs or do they only work with IKEA bulbs?
Do IKEA Lamps need IKEA bulbs?
The answer is No! You can use IKEA lamps with other bulbs as well. IKEA lamps are designed in a way that they are perfectly compatible with other kinds of bulbs. However, it is advisable to use IKEA bulbs as they last 10 times longer and consume 85% less energy.
Alternatives to IKEA Bulbs.
Bulbs which are compatible with these lamps can be found in every commonplace store. You just need to make sure their bases match. For example, an IKEA E12 (12mm) bulb can be replaced with any other E12 bulb, or E17 (17mm) can be replaced with any other E17 bulb.
Below are the options you can try:
IKEA E12(12mm) – Ecosmart E12 bulbIKEA E27(27mm) – Havells E27 bulbIKEA E17(17mm) – Philips E17 bulb
You can also find them on Amazon or Flipkart or on their individual websites.
What makes IKEA bulbs stand out?
In 2016, IKEA decided to commit to sustainability and convert its light range to only LED (Light emitting diode). They have a lifespan 8-10 times longer as compared to any CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) lights. Hence, they are more energy efficient and also very cost-effective.
Affordability of IKEA Bulbs.
IKEA with its 1 Euro challenge, made the world believe that they are sustainable and affordable. Their light prices range from Rs 59 for a single bulb to Rs 4,990 for smart lighting.
Other kinds of lights that IKEA Sells.
From decorative lighting to bathroom lights – they cover it all. IKEA fits all kinds of budgets. You can impress your neighbor without any extra burden on your pocket. They have an expansive range of lights that are stylish and economical.
Dimmable Bulbs IKEA has a unique range of dimmable bulbs. If you are not aware of this term, dimmable bulbs are the type of bulbs that you can adjust to create a comfortable ambiance as per your mood. You can adjust the light as per the setting, situation, and mood.
IKEA ‘LEDARE’ bulb comes with a dimmable feature. You can regulate the lighting as per your comfort with convenience. They fall under A+ energy efficiency class, which makes it last longer than the usual dimmable bulbs. They also make a perfect replacement for incandescent and halogen bulbs with better light output and more compatibility.

Modern lamps offered by IKEA.
Apart from being budget-friendly, IKEA also offers some fashionable lights giving your room a complete makeover. Mojna Pendant lamp shade fits perfectly into your bedroom, whereas NYMÖ lamps come with patterns giving a decorative look to your living room when you light them up.
Here’s how you can be creative with IKEA lights
IKEA’S return policy
If you change your mind or receive the wrong product, you can return it within 365 days to any of the IKEA stores. For online purchase, it slightly differs. You have only 60-days to return.
Below are the eligibility criteria you need to fit:The item you bought is in good condition and is not damaged or brokenMake sure you have the original invoice for proofIt is in its original packagingTraceable by IKEA’s system
Products that are excludedMattressesPlantsCustom countertopsCut FabricGift Card
The above – mentioned products are not returned by them. The next time you buy something from IKEA, make sure you run through this list.
Have more doubts? click here to know more.
IKEA lamps come in many shapes and sizes. They are compatible with any kind of bulb; you just need to make sure their bases match. It is suggested to use IKEA bulbs as compared to incandescent bulbs as they are energy efficient and last longer.
Where can I find an IKEA Store?
IKEA covers 63 markets and has 463 stores to be exact.If you do not have any stores in your city, you can buy them online on their website.
Are IKEA Bulbs Durable?
Yes. Since IKEA uses LED lights, they save more energy with better lighting and have less impact on the environment.
What is the base of a bulb?
It is the part that fits into the socket. Bulbs come with many types of bases with different radiuses. It’s important to check the socket before you buy a bulb.
Are IKEA bulbs recyclable?
Yes, you can recycle the IKEA bulbs. Through their sustainability program, you can deposit any e-waste or plastic. Drop them in the waste collection bin at your nearest IKEA store and you are done.
Do IKEA Lamps Need IKEA Bulbs?

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