Instacart vs Shipt- About Them

Instacart vs Shipt


This blog post compares the two services, Instacart and Shipt, that deliver groceries straight to your door in a variety of cities. Shipt is a shopping service that helps people find local grocery retailers, while Instacart handles ordering and pickups. Instacart was founded in 2014 with an app available on both iOS and Android devices. Let’s discuss the topic- Instacart vs Shipt.

Shipt has been around since 2013 as an online service with a mobile app for iPhone and Android released in 2016. Shipt has a similar layout to Instacart, but the process is different. Fee Structure and Returns Shipt is a membership service ($99/year) that includes one delivery per week at no extra cost. The membership fee also covers the cost of returns for online purchases, with no additional fees. In comparison, Instacart charges $7.99 for each grocery order and will not refund returns unless the product is damaged or spoiled. Ordering from different stores with Instacart is free, but each store has its own $7.99 fee when ordering from the app.

Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are a huge part of shopping these days, and both services offer savings for users on their favorite items through their promotions tab in the apps. Shipt has a clever promotional code feature, where users can enter their city, choose the store they want to shop from and the app will generate a unique code for them.

Pickup vs Delivery

Instacart orders can be delivered in an hour or less in over 300 U.S. cities with free delivery on orders over $35. Shipt offers free same-day delivery on weekdays (10 am-7 pm) and charges $7.99 per order plus a $2 to $5 service fee depending on the store and location of your order when ordering past 10 am. If your order exceeds $35, you receive free delivery. Shipt also charges a $5 delivery fee for orders under $35. Instacart does not offer same-day service.

Freshness of Goods

Instacart guarantees that fresh produce and perishable goods are delivered within 2 hours of the store receiving them. Shipt offers next-day grocery delivery, with same-day delivery available in select markets in Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas only. Shipt relies on users to manually select the dates they want items delivered on the online calendar available in their account profile. When choosing a delivery date, the customer must choose a time that is within their “expected next pick-up” window to receive their order. Instacart guarantees the freshness of all groceries. They even send padded protective bags for fragile products and frozen foods, which will help preserve their freshness overnight. Shipt does not offer protection for fragile items.

Tracking an Order

Both services allow you to track grocery orders in the app and on their websites. Instacart has a handy feature that allows you to get a live delivery window available on each order. Shipt also offers a tracking feature in its app, but only for orders scheduled for that day. It does not offer advance tracking for future delivery dates, even though Shipt does provide delivery service for slower-moving items like wine, beer, and household essentials.

Customer Service

Instacart has customer service phone numbers posted online access via the FAQ section of their site (1-855-473-8273). Shipt does not list any customer service information online.

App Functionality and Ease of Use

Both apps have a simple and easy-to-use interface that is available on both iPhone and Android. The mobile apps are fairly intuitive, but it may take a while before you feel like an expert using them. Instacart offers a virtual grocery store in the app where you can shop for
items that are available in your area without having to search the stores individually. It has a smart cart feature where you can save your items to check out later unless they are perishable foods.


Instacart is a superior service because it provides more options and fresher groceries. Shipt is a great service if someone lives in one of their markets (in Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas), but one may want to stick with Instacart if they live anywhere else. Although Shipt doesn’t always guarantee delivery times, Instacart does. However, if one needs to order in a hurry and doesn’t mind paying the extra fees, Shipt is the way to go.

Frequently asked questions:

Does Instacart serve in Denmark?

A: No, Instacart is currently not available in Denmark yet. Although they have plans of entering the market in Denmark in the next few years.

Does Shipt deliver in Denmark?

A: Yes, Shipt provides delivery service to Denmark.

What happens if an order arrives with a damaged or spoiled product?

A: If the order has a damaged or spoiled product, Instacart will refund the total purchase amount of the damaged/spoiled item. The refund will be reflected in the provided bank account within 7 business days.

Instacart vs Shipt- About Them

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