Can Instacart Shoppers Skip Lines

The company is an America-based grocery delivery and pickup store that operates in the United states and Canada. Can Instacart Shoppers Skip Lines uses the technological medium available to provide its services to customers. It provides its service by the means of an application or the website. This allows a customer to order groceries from participating retailers and the shopping being done by a personal shopper solely.

So, according to the company’s official policy, the shoppers of Instacart are allowed to skip lines to meet the assigned delivery time. Some stores allow their shoppers to work early or late shifts when there is no public around and make them check out in several separate checkouts. 

The shoppers are also given prepaid Mastercards as a part of their job. So, yes the shoppers at Instacart can skip lines so that they meet their stipulated delivery time, and skipping lines help greatly in meeting delivery time so it is allowed Instacart shoppers to do so.

Operation Module

The main reason for the worldwide success of the Instacart company is mainly its mode of operations and how it deals with its customers. The company has equipped highly advanced and high-grade technology to provide a smooth and hassle-free experience to its customers. Due to the company having some off-list items as well, the process was made much leaner and more flexible along with an assured guarantee as well.

The entire business module mainly relies on the proximity of stores, it is highly prolific that the backend understands the customer’s location properly and thus according to that provides the delivery time slots available. The shoppers at Instacart get well-versed by the customer’s preferences soon and then shop accordingly.

 It is highly important to shop according to the customer’s mindset because, ultimately it’s the customer who has to do the final payment and if he is not happy, then everything goes downhill from there, therefore, Instacart needs to value its customers.

Modes Of Payment Are Available At Instacart

The company is a highly advanced technology-based company, accepts a large variety of payments from its customers for the purchases they make. They accept all United States and Canada-based credit and debit cards and also EBT cards at participating stores in the selected states. 

They also accept Apple pay, google pay, China Unionpay, and PayPal as well. Currently, due to various reasons, the company does not accept the following payment methods, which it use to accept before:-

  • Cash
  • In-store gift cards
  • EBT cards at specific retailers
  • International payment
  • And, any other forms of payment that, are not mentioned are not accepted by the company.

The company says, for quick, convenient, and hassle-free checkout, the customer should save his preferred payment method in his account so that it can be used the next time with a simple touch while making the payment for the purchases.

One of the main reasons for customer retention by the company is the various modes of payment, offered by the company. Often customers like having a variety of choices to choose from while doing anything. Therefore not only Instacart, but also various other e-commerce giants have almost 7-8 ways for making the payment for the customers so that the purchase of the customer, is not hampered by any chance.

Pandemic Scenario

Every company in the world, be it a brand or a start-up, had been hit hard by the pandemic. The pandemic bought every firm at a similar level.

But Instacart was different. During the pandemic, when other companies were laying off employees and facing losses, Instacart was the only company that incurred profits and experienced a much wider customer base because the pandemic had made everyone sit home and social distance themselves from one another, so people were shopping from their homes and this increased the number of people who made their purchases from Instacart.

Service Module

Orders by the customer, are fulfilled by shoppers who pick, pack and deliver the order within the stipulated time frame of the customer, which could be one hour to five days in advance, depending on the location of the customer. 

The company also has now started in-store pickups, where the customer can place his order and then pick it up from a store nearby. This has eased the load on the shoppers and also has provided a much faster and speedy delivery time to the customer.

 A charge of 3.99 dollars is put on orders of 35 dollars or more and a 7.99 dollars charge is put on orders on anything less. Regardless of the order, a 5% service fee is charged to the customer with a minimum of 2 dollars owed.


So, the Instacart shoppers can skip lines to meet the delivery time for the customers because ultimately it is the customer who will make the payment for the order, and the company, per the data, has become an overnight success within the grocery market. Although, some controversies surrounding it have faired well as a unit in the business.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Q1) Do Instacart shoppers pay for missing items?

A) The company does not provide any phone number, email, or contact info to dispute such issues, and it also does not provide restitution on its shoppers.

Q2) Do Instacart shoppers see complaints?

A) Instacart shoppers do see complaints. All complaints and compliments are visible on their account, as customer feedback.

Q3) How long does it take for an Instacart parcel to get delivered to a customer’s doorstep?

A) It often takes an hour or up to 5 days for an Instacart order to, be delivered to the customer’s doorstep. It mainly depends on the size of the customer’s order and his delivery location, the larger the size of the order, the longer it takes to get delivered, and vice-versa. The same is the case with location, the further away and far the location is, the longer it takes for the order to get delivered to the customer and vice-versa.

Can Instacart Shoppers Skip Lines

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