Does Walmart Engrave Ring, Jewelry And Dog Tags?

There is nothing as heartwarming and enthralling as having one’s desired phrase or sign engraved on products . Thus, the product becomes extremely eye-catching to the eyes of beholders. The question now is, Does Walmart Engrave Ring, Jewelry And Dog Tags? Does Walmart Engrave Ring, Jewelry And Dog Tags? The answer is in the affirmative.

Does Walmart Engrave Ring, Jewelry And Dog Tags?

What is Walmart all about?

Walmart, known by its incorporated name as Walmart Inc. is an American Multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores and grocery stores from the United States of America , headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. The company was founded by Sam Walton in nearby Rogers ,Arkansas in 1962 and incorporated under Delaware General Corporation Law on October 31,1969. Since its incorporation, Walmart Inc. has offered a lot of products to customers the world over.

How then does Walmart engrave rings, jewelry and dog tags?

Walmart can engrave rings, jewelry and dog tags. These services, Walmart renders by offering online platform to customers to select from countless products on offer. The platform through which Walmart offers its products is Walmart .com. These services are only offered online.

How can one get an item engraved at Walmart?

It is soothing to have one’s memories and historic events engraved on an item that is purchased. It carries with it a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Getting a products engraved is very seamless. It is simply by done by logging into the website of Walmart which is After successfully logging into, a customer would need to choose from a selection that is eligible for personalization online. It is important to note that only eligible products are engraved

How can you get ring and jewelry engraved?

Getting a ring and jewelry engraved is simple. A customer when shopping online at Walmart website can get his or her ring and jewelry engraved. Such customer needs to know that the intended product for engraving should be one eligible for personalization and customization feature. To know those products that are eligible for personalization or customization, a customer would need to go to the personalization option where he would see ‘Personalized Jewelry ‘ page on the Walmart website.

On this personalized jewelry page a lot of products that are eligible for personalization and customization are available. The customer needs to search the page for the product of choice. On the page, products such as wedding rings, bracelets, military tags, necklaces, earrings, to mention but a few, are available. These products qualify for customization, meaning that they can be engraved.

After finding the needed item on the category, a customer then clicks on the button displaying “ customize” . The next stage the customer is asked the ideas to be engraved on the particular product. Here, the ideas to be engraved are highly sentimental depending on the mindset.

The deeper the feeling the deeper the idea to be engraved is. Ultimately culminating in an outward expression of emotions.
It is more advisable that the idea be engraved in the inside shank so as to only be known by the couple if it is a wedding ring. This only gives a subtle ongoing reminder of the most cherished memories between the couple. It can also apply to every other situation as long as the intended idea to be engraved carries some deeper memories.

Lastly, upon imputing the intended engraving ideas, after some time the engraving is ready. So eye-catching and attractive.

What does Personalization Eligibility Mean?

This eligibility means that the particular item must be one that is among those listed in the column provided for items that are capable of being engraved . Thus, not all items are capable of engraving.

Therefore, customer should first ascertain that the items are eligible before proceeding to get it engraved.

Is Engraving Important ?

Engraving rings and jewelry most times has very important consequences. These come in different ways. The emotional and psychological feelings and the sentimentality.

How Long Does Take A Ring To Be Engraved?

The duration depends on the product. The average time is within three working days though some may take up to three months.. Thus, the stress is much eliminated. However, the more the message to be engraved, the longer period it takes.

Does Walmart Charge Fee For Engravings?

At Walmart the there’s no requirement for paying additional money for engraving. The fee is in-built onto the price of the product as a whole.

Can Walmart engrave dog tags?

Just like getting a ring and jewelry engraved, getting a dog tags engraved is synonymous with the former. This entails that the customer would need to visit the website of Walmart and carry out a search.

The procedure is thus : Find the dog tag on the website. Customize it for engraving. However, the dog tag must be one eligible for personalization. Then after selecting you check out.

Just like engraving rings and jewelry, the duration depends on the product.


The topic of the article is firmly answered in the affirmative. Walmart engraves rings, jewelry and dog tags. This it does on its website. The website is .

Does Walmart Engrave Ring, Jewelry And Dog Tags?

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