Does British Airways have WiFi?

Does British Airways have WiFi?

There is always a question raised “Does British Airways have wifi?”

And, the answer is Yes. British Airways has been provided with the facility of wi-fi connection. You can browse the internet from an altitude of 38000 feet while being in the air.

How To Know If Your British Airways Flight Has Wi-fi?

No one can exactly tell you which flight would have wi-fi installation.

The 787-8s and 787-8 fleet do not have wi-fi installation. Although, you might get it on the 777-200ER or a 747-400 flight.

But, there you have one possibility to check whether your flight has Wifi feature or not? within just a few days by departure. 

Here follow some tips

  •  Go to Flightradar24 and register your flight number.
  •  After the registration, they will send you some code for your flight within a day or two days, and now you can cross-check if the flight has Wi-Fi or not.

It is not constant because the plane schemes keep changing for some operations.

What are British Airways charges for wifi?

Depending on the time British Airways cost varies for Wi-Fi, the cost of wifi varies according to the time and not to the data package, which is the best part.

Based on time, whether it is one hour, multiple hours, or an entire day, you can buy a stream or data package, determining its cost.

The costs for browse packages and high speed browse packages for 1 hour is 4.99GBP, 7.99GBP and for 4 hours is 10.99GBP, 17.99GBP and, for the entire journey is 14.99GBP, 23.99GBP respectively.

Billing has been provided in both USD and EUR. you can get a slight discount according to your choice, for example, if the browsing package costs 20USD(This is the cheapest Wi-fi cost), you can get a little discount. 

Lately, some airlines provide free Wi-Fi access.

 The Wi-fi Speed of British Airways

The speed of British Wi-Fi entirely relies on the browse package you purchase, whether it is Browse/Search package or Stream package. The lowest speed of the Browse package is 250kbps and 0.66Mbps for the Stream package.

Remember Before You Connect to British Airways Wifi

Here, we have found some tips to get connected to Wifi without any external interruption:

  • On the ground, British Airways Wi-Fi is not accessible until you reach 10,000 feet of height.
  • Once you get access to the Wi-Fi, browsers will automatically redirect you to the portal homepage, even if you face some issues with that, Go to wifi settings and join the ‘BAWi-Fi’ network. It is as simple as that.
  • Then open a web browser, you will see .air homepage will be opened automatically. If it is not opened automatically, then type to register and log in.
  • You have an option to buy Wi-Fi as a visitor, or you can create an account, and your registered info will remain to use for future flights. 
  • If you had huge issues connecting to the internet at first because you kept submitting my payment info, but it never went through, and there was never an error notification; it was only later in the flight that I realized the Wi-Fi purchase initiated a fake alert on my credit card, so using a different credit card did the trick 
  • Once linked to a Wi-Fi router, open your web browser and the homepage will unlock automatically. If not, then get guidance from


As we can conclude, wifi is not possibly available on every flight, it varies drastically based on which airplane you are on. If this favor is available on every airway, it would be good to see a range of subscriptions or ‘pay with Avios’ packages available.

A Wi-Fi facility in British Airways has been introduced lately, but they are improving with technology amongst their network. So, the chances of a Wi-Fi-installed plane are somewhat unpredictable.

If you need Wi-Fi for work purposes or out for some emergency, you can get it, but if you need it for entertainment purposes, then there is always in-flight amusement to keep you active.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does British Airways have free Wi-Fi?

No, British Airways charges according to data plan and especially time.

Can you watch Netflix on British Airways?

Yes. if you buy the “Stream” package, you will get the fastest internet speed, so you can watch Netflix too. For videos, Netflix, or Amazon prime get yourself a Stream data plan.

what is the British Airways wifi speed?

The minimum speed of the Browse package is 250kpbs and for the Stream package is 660kpbs. It all relies on the flight, so no data is confirmed.

What are British Airways charges for wifi?

British Airways has two wifi plans—Browse and another one is Stream, the costs for browse packages and high speed browse packages for 1 hour is 4.99GBP, 7.99GBP and for 4 hours is 10.99GBP, 17.99GBP and, for the entire journey is 14.99GBP, 23.99GBP respectively.

Does British Airways have WiFi?

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