Goodwill Return Policy

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Goodwill Industries International Inc. is an organization that works to provide jobs to people with disabilities in the United States and Canada. It is a nonprofit organization and a member-driven business, with more than 615,000 volunteers who contribute more than $2 billion worth of goods annually. The company’s purpose is to help people with disabilities reach their full potential by offering job opportunities, training, and assistance in areas such as production, donation distribution, retail sales, and customer service, as well as finance/accounting/administrative support/website development.

Goodwill Return Policy

Goodwill Return Policy:

  • Goodwill will accept any item of clothing, provided it is in wearable condition. All of the items in Goodwill’s retail stores are donated, so there is always something for sale. If you buy something and decide at a later date that you don’t use it for whatever reason, bring it back within a year to get your money back or exchange it for another item. 
  • Goodwill also has a return policy on used furniture and household appliances 
  • Goodwill will not accept items with stains or smells (such as cigarettes) unless they can be removed using water vapor steam cleaning or professional dry cleaning services.
  • Sale items or items with a damaged price tag can only be exchanged for products of equal value. You may return the item in exchange for a different product of the same value, but you’ll have to pay a restocking fee of 20% on the total purchase price.
  • Goodwill’s clothing return policy is the same for all store locations, from opening the first store in 1902 up to today’s 1,391 stores all over the country.
  • You’ll get your money back when you return your items, and if you decide to exchange them for something else, Goodwill will only charge the difference in price between the two items. If there isn’t any price difference, no additional charge will be added on.
  • Goodwill has a policy requiring customers to present identification to receive a refund or exchange. There’s also a $5 per item restocking fee on all returned merchandise.

How To Return:

  • 1.To return an item you purchased in Goodwill’s retail stores, either go to your local store and visit their customer service desk or go online at their website and fill out an online form. 
  • 2.The form is accessible in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Urdu, and Azerbaijani, among other languages.
  • 3.Once you fill out the online form and print it out, you’ll need to bring the form with you when you go back to return your items. 
  • 4.If it’s furniture, appliances, or other large items that are being returned, you can call ahead and schedule a pickup time. You may also schedule a free pickup of large items by giving Goodwill a call.

Goodwill Return Policy Faqs:

  • What is the deadline for returning an item?

The deadline for returning an item is five days after the date of purchase. The customer must give a valid reason for return, and demonstrate how they were unable to use the article or product.

  • When can I return my Goodwill purchase?

Customers are not required to return items that are not defective in any way or damaged beyond repair if they present no useable value at all (not even a scrap). Goodwill Industries reserves the right to withhold payment in instances where articles are deemed not usable such as clothing with holes, rips, stains, etc.

  • How do I make a return?

A receipt is necessary to make the return. A customer can make the return in any Goodwill store, or simply mail it to their nearest Goodwill outlet. They do not need to visit a Goodwill store first, and they do not have to have the receipt on them when returning an item by mail.

  • Can I exchange my purchase for something else?

In most cases, yes! Exchanging an item for another product is no different from returning it and then buying another product. A customer must get a refund on the purchase of the item, and then go through their stores to find a replacement.

  • Does Goodwill charge me for my return?

Refunds are based on Goodwill’s standard policy. If an item is not returned within five days, the customer will be charged a nominal fee at their local store.

  • What if I exchange my product and it turns out it doesn’t fit?

No problem! Most items are available in other sizes so that customers can find something that fits them perfectly well. 


Resale companies are required by law to provide a refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase, but Goodwill has no such law. However, the organization is committed to quality customer service and providing a 100 percent money-back guarantee on all items returned within a year of purchase, as long as they are returned in the same condition that you received them.

Goodwill Return Policy

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