Is Xmondo cruelty-free?- About Xmondo 

Is Xmondo cruelty-free?


Living healthy and fashionably has become a lifestyle today. There are many products, brands, and services lined up for us to enhance every aspect of life. Home, fashion, etiquette, luxury and so much more have upped their game to match the increasing potential and standards of today. Along with companies, brands, and products increasing in quantity, they are increasing in quality as well. People are opting for natural, eco-friendly, organic, and those kinds of products. Here, let’s see ‘Is Xmondo cruelty-free?’

Naturally, companies have shifted their focus to designing their products to check these requirements. Among all these filters of picking the best-suited products, another popular one is cruelty-free products. 


Cruelty-free products are next in line after natural and organic ones. People are understanding the need to use smartly along with fulfilling their needs. Most cosmetic, makeup, and skincare brands have majorly shifted to cruelty-free products. Along with these, fashion and lifestyle brands are also shifting with time. The focus lies on switching to friendlier and affordable products that are beneficial to you, the producer, and the ecosystem. This article focuses on Xmondo’s cruelty-free products and policy. Read on for more details. 

About Xmondo 

Every aspect of fashion is becoming important. While people earlier chose only the best in clothes and shoes, fashion is defined by your look overall. Not just apparel, even accessories, makeup, add-ons, hair, nails, and much more add to give a statement look. Therefore, whether you’re going out for a conference or a party, you maintain each of these to give you a vibrant and aesthetic look. Xmondo is a hair specializing company that deals with literally anything you need to dazzle up your hair. Right from shampoo to hair color and unique hair kits, Xmondo has everything you need to give your hair more than just a wash. 

Prepping your hair can be tiresome sometimes. That’s why Xmondo is designed to aid all your hair-related needs. You need more than just styling, you need elegance and healthy hair too. And Xmondo takes care of just that. Straight, curly, colored, short, long, name it and they have the exact kind of hair treatment to fix any issues you may have. They also have limited merchandise consisting of hoodies, joggers, and more to add to your detailed and textured hair and give an ideal look. 

Is Xmondo cruelty-free?

Yes, Xmondo is cruelty-free. This means that none of their products are tested on animals nor are any animal parts used while creating them. While it may seem like their products are out of the normal, unique, and bright, they are very careful about their ingredients. All of their products are tested to be cruelty-free. Moreover, they understand the needs of your hair and focus on its health and nourishment too. Therefore, other than being cruelty-free, they also rely on natural ingredients as much as possible. Hair masks, hair serums, hair color, and any product that you can think of, at Xmodno, they’re all cruelty-free.

Is Xmondo vegan? 

Yes, Xmondo is vegan. However, not all products are vegan. While Xmondo states that their products are safe for vegans, there is no guarantee that all of them are vegan. Most of their products are vegan but there may be a few that use certain ingredients out of the vegan menu. It’s best to check the ingredients at the back of the product before purchasing or have a look at the details if you’re shopping online.


When you’re having a bad day a lot can go wrong! You don’t want that and Xmondo helps you through the same. They have suggestions and hair quizzes too to take so that you can find the perfect fit for your hair at all times!


  • What are Xmondo Bundles?

Xmondo bundles are kinds of hair kits especially designed by Xmodno. These include a variety of combinations depending on the bundle you pick. They could include shampoo, conditioner, oils, and even styling products all under one package. The popular one is the ‘Repair my hair, Hydrating bundle’ consisting of smoothing oil, moisture cream, conditioning mist, and a hydrating mask

  • Does Xmondo have curling cream?

Yes, they do. Xmondo has curling creams depending on the specific purpose you require. These may be purchased individually or as part of selected bundles or hair kits designed by Xmondo.

  • Is the Xmondo merchandise cruelty-free? 

Yes! Xmondo merchandise consisting of vibrant joggers, hoodies, and more is also cruelty-free. Since their products are all cruelty-free, they have also designed their merchandise to match the traits of their products. Choose from their selected range of beanies, totes, and more!

  • Does Xmondo have hair spray?

Yes, Xmondo has 3 popular choices under the hair spray category. These too are cruelty-free. The ‘salty’ for the sea salt kind of waves, ‘forcefield’ for using while styling to protect your hair from heat, and ‘Hydromania’ to refresh your hair and nourish with its hydro-properties 

Is Xmondo cruelty-free?- About Xmondo 

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