Ray-Ban return policy 

Here we will see about the Ray-Ban return policy.


Ray-Ban, founded in the year 1936 by Bausch and Lomb, is the leading brand worldwide in the manufacture of luxury sunglasses, in particular, and other forms of eyeglasses, in general. The line of glasses was initially developed by the creators in coordination with the US Army Air Corps as a method to try and counter the bright blue and white hues of the day sky. This led to naming the brand as “Ray-Ban” – something specifically designed to cut out the bright rays. In 1999, Bausch and Lomb sold the rights of the company to the Luxottica Group, an Italian business corporation.

Ray-Ban return policy 

Ray-Ban places customer satisfaction above anything else and the return/refund policies are quite simple. Customers have the option of returning their products within 45 days of the purchase, provided that the original tags are intact. The return policy can be availed of in online or offline modes.

Return Procedure:

Customers can always change their minds while shopping at the company. They are free to opt for a return/refund within 45 days of the purchase of a product if they find the product received to be unsuitable for their needs at the time. The steps to return a product online are:

  • Enter the order number and email address in the My Orders section on the website. If ApplePay was used for ordering, enter the AppleID. 
  • Follow the procedure as you are being directed to do.
  • Pack the product in its original package with the tags kept intact. This is very important and non-adherence to this will result in rejection of the request.
  • Attach the pre-paid Return Label on the package.

In case of offline requests, one simply needs to head to the nearest Ray-Ban store near him/her and hand over the product to an employee. The remaining process would be taken care of by the latter person.

Cost for returns:

Ray-Ban does not charge any additional cost if a product is to be returned. In case of online returns, they would send their delivery representative to pick up the product and would keep the consumers updated about the next step of the process. If the item is returned physically at a store, then they would carry out the tasks on the spot and issue a refund/return, as is requested by the customer.

Time required in the process:

The Ray-Ban team sends an email confirmation to the consumers as soon as their refunds have been processed. It usually takes around 15 days for the money to be returned to the account once a refund request has been placed by the consumer online. In the case of offline requests, the time required is usually around 10 days. This is because it usually takes much more time for the item to be checked and passed for a refund if the item has been returned online. 

In case a replacement request is placed, Ray-Ban will send the new item as soon as the faulty item has been received and processed at their stores. 

It is important to note that Ray-Ban accepts only those items for refund that have been purchased from their official website or registered partners. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

We took a look at some of the most asked questions on the internet about Ray-Ban and its policies. In this section, some of the most important ones have been answered.  

Question. What is the minimum age to be working at Ray-Ban?

A person needs to be at least 18 years of age to be working at Ray-Ban. Thus, one needs to have a high-school degree to be eligible to work at the company. Different roles have different requirements and the senior positions at the company usually require the candidates to have a college degree in the related field. 

Question. Are the high prices of the Ray-Ban glasses justified?

Ray-Ban is the industry leader in coming up with innovative designs and materials for its sunglasses. The Ray-Ban sunglasses are considered to be a standard in the industry for their quality and longevity. As such, it is quite natural that the Ray-Ban glasses are more expensive than their competitors in the market. The high prices are quite justified in the sense that these glasses are the best to protect one’s eyes and the average life of a Ray-Ban glass is about twice as much as that of a normal sunglass. 

Question. Are Ray-Ban glasses scratch-resistant?

Ray-Ban uses different types of materials to make their sunglasses. They include crystal glass, polycarbonate(fiber), and plastic, even. All of these materials have been certified by the company to be 100% effective in protecting one’s eyes from harmful rays and are scratch-resistant. 

Question. Are customers satisfied with their experience at Ray-Ban?

Ray-Ban has been the industry leader in manufacturing glasses ever since its inception. It is only natural that customers are satisfied with the treatment they receive from the company. Ray-Ban has been praised not only for its excellent products but also, for its excellent customer service.

Ray-Ban return policy 

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