Does Kate Spade accept Affirm?

Does Kate Spade accept Affirm?

Introduction: Kate Spade is an American luxury fashion brand that was founded in the year 1993. The company is presently headquartered in New York. Kate Spade was founded by the husband-wife pair, Kate and Andy Spade to realize their dreams of starting a fashion company. Let’s know ‘Does Kate Spade accept Affirm?’

Kate Spade is the brand’s line of fashion for women with the men’s counterpart known as Jack Spade. The company was purchased by Tapestry Inc. in 2017 and is currently being run by them. The company is headed by Liz Fraser and has had considerable growth since its early years.

On the other hand, affirm is a financial technology brand that is headquartered in San Francisco. The company, founded in 2012, has taken massive strides since its inception and is currently one of the leading payment technologies used by people all over the US.

Does Kate Spade accept Affirm?

Kate Spade does accept payments from affirm. A few simple steps need to be followed, linking one’s affirm virtual card to the Google Pay or Apple Pay account. After successful linking, users can pay using the service at any Kate Spade store or online transactions.  

Benefits of using affirm:

There are several advantages of accepting affirm at the stores. A few of them include: 

  • The enormous popularity of the payment company coupled with its large user base helps Kate Spade to attract more consumers. 
  • Users can use affirm to pay for something they can always repay later. This ensures that none is left disappointed at missing out on a big sale just because he/she did not have the money at the time.
  • The affirm cards and the applications are easy to use. This attracts a large number of users to the platform. 
  • Affirm is widely accepted and not accepting it, would result in Kate Spade being left out.

Steps to use Affirm at a Kate Spade store:

Payments using the affirm app or the affirm virtual cards are easy. The users need to follow a few simple steps to set up payments using affirm:

  • Text “katespade” to the number 58083, and wait for the prompts to guide you in the process.
  • Download the affirm app from the Google Play Store or the App Store in case you are an Apple user.
  • Add the affirm card to Google Pay or Apple Wallet.
  • After the process is completed, you are ready to pay using the company’s virtual card. 

Eligibility to use affirm:

To use affirm for payments, the respective Kate Spade store needs to accept affirm, and also, the minimum order value needs to be $50.

Return Policy:  

In case the customer is not satisfied with the product received, he/she can file for a return/refund of the product. The request would be processed by the company. After that, the users will get the amount back in their account within 3-45 business days. In case of a failure, customers can contact customer care.


Thus, we have seen in this article that users can use affirm to make payments to Kate Spade, once the linking setup has been completed successfully. There are many ways in which the customers and the company, both, get benefitted from using affirm as a mode of payment. The large consumer base of the company and the trustability it enjoys among the users, make affirm one of the best payment options in the present-day market. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

We looked on the internet about the most asked questions related to the topic of this article. In this section, a few of the most important questions have been answered.

Question. What are a few platforms that accept affirm?

Affirm is one of the leaders in the service it provides and as such, most of the leading companies in the US accept affirm for payments. Some of these companies include Walmart, Target, ThredUP, Target, etc. As already mentioned previously in this article, the large number of advantages that affirm offers to its customers keep attracting more and more people to the platform. 

Question. Kate Spade products are expensive. What makes them so special?

Kate Spade is a luxury fashion brand that is unaffordable for a large section of society even today. Several factors differentiate a Kate Spade product from its competitors. The innovative designs, high-quality materials used, as well as signature style of the brand’s line of products make Kate Spade items stand out in the market. Over the years, the brand has made a name for itself as a company manufacturing “affordable luxury” for consumers.

Question. What types of payments are accepted by Kate Spade?

All of the popular payment methods are accepted by Kate Spade on purchase of any products from its stores. The payment options include Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and American Express cards. Services like Afterpay or Affirm are also accepted at Kate Spade. Other forms of payment options would also be added soon.

Does Kate Spade accept Affirm?

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