Who Makes Members Mark Cookware?

Who Makes Members Mark Cookware?

Members Mark, a brand of Sam’s Club which aims at selling high-quality house appliances, groceries, and other everyday items at an affordable rate. The brand makes some high-quality kitchen appliances and cookware sets but have you ever wondered who manufactures it for them? Here, let’s know ‘Who Makes Members Mark Cookware?’

Various rumors are circulating around manufacturers of members mark’s cookware sets. It is claimed that these products are manufactured by Meyer’s while there are also some speculations regarding it being manufactured from not just one but many companies.

Does Meyer’s make cookware sets for members’ marks?

There are a lot of rumors stating that cookware sets for Members mark manufactured by Meyers industries. The said manufacturing company is a Thailand-based company which is considered to be one of the best in the business.  However, there is no solid evidence that states the rumor to be true.

Other than that, it is also observed that many of their products are made in China and the USA. This somewhere indicates that maybe the products are made by many manufacturers and not just one. All in all, we can say that Meyer might be one of its manufacturers but it is certainly not the only one to sell its products to Members mark.

Types of cookware you can find in the Member’s Mark

When we are talking about the manufacturers who make Member’s Mark cookware. It is also necessary to know what kind of cookware we can expect from this brand.

The brand makes individual frying pans as well as 14 and 15 piece cookware sets. It also sells saucepan, cooking sheets, mixing bowls, and other such products separately too.

There is a little difference between the 14 and 15 piece cookware set.  The 15 pieces set of cookware may have a 5.5 quart deep saute pan whereas the 14 may not have one. Instead, it might have a 5 quart deep saute pan.

These two sets also differ in their price. There may be around a 10$ difference between the cost of the two sets.

The Quality of Member’s Mark Cookwares

According to the reviews the brand has been getting, you can conclude the Member’s Mark sells some of the best quality products at an almost affordable rate. 

They sell cookware with stainless steel and hard-anodized aluminum. These materials promote quick and uniform cooking as the heat is distributed accurately and evenly.

It also has a Teflon coating which avoids the sticking of food to the pan. This feature makes these products easier to clean after cooking.

These sets are designed in such a way that they can work effectively on all types of stoves. It even works well with induction stoves.

It is oven safe to a certain temperature (nearly 300°F) and has heat-resistant handles which make it easy to handle while cooking.

Hence, you can expect some of the best quality products from the brand.


Since the Member’s Mark cookware is made of certain materials, it is necessary for one to know how to maintain it properly so that it could be used for a long while. These products won’t stick for forever, at one point you might have to replace them. However, by maintaining it, you can keep it for a longer period.

It is often recommended to let the cookware cool down before washing it with cold water. This protects the cookware from getting damaged.

Even while washing the cookware, you have to use sponges that are not rough and abrasive.

It is also advisable to dry this cookware by air or with a soft towel.

Since these cookwares possess Teflon coating in them, it is advisable to keep them away from utensils with sharp corners.

To garner more such information about maintaining these cookware sets, you can always visit Sam’s Club’s website and read about it

Can we expect a discount?

Member’s mark offers you a variety of cookware products at good quality and affordable range. However, you can surely expect discounts on occasions like Black Friday and Christmas.


Member’s Market is a brand under Sam’s Club. The brand promises and sells a range of groceries, cookware sets, and other such items. Their products are seen to be of high quality and affordable range of price.

When it comes to knowing who the manufacturer of their cookware is, there are many rumors and speculations around it.

Many rumors say that all its cookwares are manufactured by a Thailand-based company called Meyers industries. However, with no guaranteed proof, this speculation is baseless. Moreover, many products of this brand hold the title of made in China and the USA.

This only makes us conclude that maybe there are more than one manufacturing companies that work for Member’s Mark. They are probably manufacturing their products from many US, Chinese, and other manufacturers.

Who Makes Members Mark Cookware?

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