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Members Mark

Sam’s Club, one of the leading retailers in the United States, owns a private label brand that provides various high-quality products at the lowest possible rates. This brand is called Member’s Mark. 20% of Sam’s Club goods and services consist of this private label brand.

Sam’s Club, owned by Walmart, keeps improving with this brand to withstand the competition against its competitors. Earlier, the company used to concentrate more on the competition with the national brands. But, now, it also aims to fulfill the member needs through the Member’s Mark brand.

Source Of Member’s Mark Brand

On the one hand, Sam’s Club makes all the items for the Member’s Mark Brand. On the other hand, Walmart brings the materials internationally and manufactures the products for Sam’s Club. Walmart has a vast source of ingredients because it aims at providing the best possible products and services to the customers.

Sam’s Club knows that every customer may not get impressed with what it offers. Thus, it tries to prove beneficial for a maximum of customers by providing them the Member’s Mark Brand. It considers Member’s Mark as one of its vital sources for further profits. 

Buying Member’s Mark Products

Customers can find its products at the local Sam’s Clubs. But, Sam’s Club offers its products and services only for its members. Thus, the customers who do not have Sam’s Club membership or stay far away from the nearest Sam’s Club can go to Walmart to buy Member’s Mark products.

The product developers and experts check whether the products offered by Member’s Mark get in line with the company values. The scientists perform quality checks because the company does not want to cheat its customers.

Another seller of these products is Amazon. While Sam’s Club and Walmart allow the members to access the Member’s Club products physically, Amazon offers them online.

Some of its products are as follows:

  • Household items, containers, and disposable cutlery.
  • Cosmetics and tissue papers.
  • Coffee and packaged drinking water and food items.
  • Beef and chicken products.
  • Poultry and grills.
  • Seating sets.

Most of these items will get shipped free of cost to Sam’s Club Plus members.


  • Some members found its products better, while some did not. However, the latter helped Sam’s Club understand what customers want. Sam’s Club thinks that it gets power from this private label brand that assists it to set high standards.
  • It has been the most loved brand of Sam’s Club that contributed $10 billion in the overall sales made by the company in 2017.


  • Most of its products are available at Sam’s Club, whereas the remaining are available at Walmart. But, both Sam’s Club and Walmart ask their customers to have memberships. So, the members often get trapped to buy Member’s Mark products because they have already paid for the membership.
  • The members might also end up buying expensive Member’s Mark products that their competitors sell at lower prices, only in the name of membership.
  • The members might end up buying more junk food looking at the attractive prices offered by Member’s Mark.

To conquer the challenges, the members must prepare a shopping list before buying Member’s Mark products. The members must know what they require and not fall prey to unnecessary attractive offers. They must also understand the benefits of the gift cards provided by the company.


The products offered under it have improved a lot over the years, along with an improvement in their brand logo. It is said to be the tough competitor of Costco’s Kirkland Signature line. Sam’s Club plans to add 300 new brand items for fulfilling the maximum of their customers’ needs. To access the products offered by them, the customers must possess membership of Sam’s Club. However, the membership is helpful only for those individuals who make full use of their membership fees by using the benefits regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who manages My Member’s Mark Community?

Answer:  My Member’s Mark Community is managed by Reach3 Insights. It goes hand in hand with Rival Technologies and is an independent research consultancy. It offers a set of experts that provide scalable solutions and approaches for the growth of the organization. Different research solutions include gaming, events, beauty, grooming, and other emerging trends.

  1.  Give some examples of other Private Label Brands.

Answer: Some examples of private label brands are as follows:

a) IKEA.

b) Kirkland Signature Line that comes under Costco.

c) AmazonBasics that comes under Amazon.

d) Pinzon.

e) Trader Joe’s.

f) General Mills.

g) Frito-Lay

  1. How safe is Member’s Mark Food?

Answer: Member’s Mark tracks the safety measures used by their food suppliers and partners to ensure food safety. Food safety complies with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). GFSI requires the bodies working with it to get recognized by ISO/IEC. It is a private organization that works to ensure the safety of the food manufactured by the organizations.

Member’s Mark

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