How to read a Walmart Receipt?

How to read a Walmart Receipt?

Walmart is a multinational corporation based in the United States. They have retail stores, grocery stores, and hypermarkets. They are popular for being affordable and having a wide variety of goods. If you’ve purchased at Walmart, you would have got a receipt after payment. Walmart’s receipts usually have a load of numerals that are not comprehensible. This receipt has loads of information, but we usually ignore it and throw it away. If you are curious about what is in it, here is your go-to Walmart receipt guide. Let’s know ‘How to read a Walmart Receipt?’

We can break the Walmart Receipt into three halves, to study each one carefully.

First Part Of The Receipt 

At the beginning of the receipt, you can first see ‘’Walmart’’ written, and then a tagline. The number that you see on the first line of the receipt is the name of the store you purchased from and its zip code. The different cryptic letters you see have the following meaning:

–         ‘’ST#’’ is a code that signifies the store number.

–         ‘’OP#’’ states who the cashier is.

–         ‘’#TE’’ is the number of the cash register you used.

–         ‘’TR#’’ is the transaction number of your purchase.

Middle Of The Receipt – Goods 

In the middle of the receipt, there will be a twelve-digit serial number that is given to every purchase. This is used in case you need to return items or have an issue with your purchase. This number is unique to every purchase that is made.

Coming to the goods you purchased, they will be listed on the left side. Each item has a number next to it, which is its code. On the right side, you can see the prices of each good. This is the part of a receipt that everyone is familiar with. 

After the price of the product on the far right of the receipt, you can see the letters, ‘’N’’, ‘’X’’ or ‘’O’’. These refer to the tax policy that these items have. ‘’N’’ means that the item is not taxable, ‘’X’’ means that it is taxable, and ‘’O’’ means that the product is a non-taxable sale item.

Underneath these products, you will be able to see the total cost of the purchase, along with any discount availed, debit tends, or change due.

Payment Details 

If you had made the payment with a card, you can see ‘’U.S debit/credit’’, and then the last four digits of your card. This is not sensitive information, so do not worry about it. In case you want to return your items and obtain a refund, you can find out which card was used to purchase with these four digits. The codes in the details of the payment refer to the following:

–         Below the payment mode, you can see ‘’APPR’’. This means that the bank has approved the transaction, and it is valid.

–         After this, you can see ‘’TC’’ and a number. This indicates the twenty-digit transaction code (TC). Then you can see the number of items purchased.

End Of The Receipt 

–         In the end, there is a ‘’C’’ and a number. This is also a unique number, one of the important numbers printed on the receipt. There is also a barcode and the date and time of the purchase to finish the receipt.

Other Details 

On the back of the receipt, you will find Walmart’s return policy. You can refer to the website for more details, but Walmart usually has a 90-day return policy, from the date of your purchase.

–         If you see letters like ‘’A’’, ‘’B’’, ‘’P’’, ‘’R’’, ‘’S’’, they refer to the sales tax policy that varies from state to state. This tax rate is different for every item, categorized from tax 1 to tax 7. You can look up the sales tax rates if you are interested in this further.

More Details About Goods Purchased 

Let us consider the part where most customers are interested in, in the list of items purchased and their price. Walmart shortens the name of the products when they print the receipt. These abbreviations can usually be deciphered easily if you remember the items you purchased. They will either refer to the brand of the product or the name of the product itself. 

If your purchase includes goods that have higher values like a television or a phone, there will be a serial code for those items. You can find the code in the middle of the receipt. If you’re interested, you can look up that number on Walmart’s website to find out details about it. Another interesting thing you could do is scan the QR code on the receipt. You will get a list of all the items you purchased.


A receipt, given to every customer on a purchase, is a very interesting item to analyze. Walmart’s receipts are always full of numbers and codes, so it can be confusing and fascinating at the same time. It can be something to do for fun, or if you have to sort through the receipt because of an issue with the Walmart purchase, we hope this guide helped you.

How to read a Walmart Receipt?

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