Can you drop off USPS at ups?

Can you drop off USPS at ups?


For people who want to send a post, there are many postal service providers in the USA. Moreover, there are postal companies that are in collaboration with each other so that their customers can use their service interchangeably. Here is the answer to the question- Can you drop off USPS at ups?

Tie up between USPS and FEDX is one such example. Because of this collaboration, people can drop their USPS mail in FEDX, or vice versa. This fact is enough for people to wonder if they can drop a USPS mail at UPS or not. At times, when there is no USPS picking facility near the vicinity, it is more convenient to drop the mail at any other easily available UPS dropping location. For all these reasons it is important to know if one can drop off USPS mails at UPS or not.

This article contains the answer to the same question.


Ever since the beginning, USPS has created its niche in the packaging and mailing network and as a service provider in the USA. It claims to be the only postal service that is present in every nation and connects more than 160 million people across the world. The postal service entity has three main business lines: First class mail, marketing mail, and Packages. Customers can drop their mail at any of the 30,000 post office locations present across the United States. USPS is the sole authority for the transportation of government documents to USA citizens. 


Now, here comes the main question. Unlike the pact between USPS and FEDX, there is no such tie between USPS and UPS. This means that USPS customers are deprived of using UPS services or vice versa. As per the company’s policy, customers of USPS can’t drop off at UPS unless the shipping agency or center is a part of the UPS Mails Innovation Returns Program. As USPS itself has a vast and deep-rooted network of pick and drop services, it is advised to the customers to visit only the USPS facilities for dropping their mail. However, the company has got enough backup to ensure the safe and proper delivery of the wayward packages, which are dropped off in the wrong box.

Will the USPS mail reach safely if dropped accidentally to UPS?

There is no need to worry if the USPS mail has been dropped accidentally to UPS. The mail will surely reach its destination but may take some more time. Delivery services are fully aware of their customers’ common mistake of dropping mails on wrong boxes. That’s why collectors also keep checking on other companies’ collection centers for their own company’s parcels. Hence, in most cases, a mistakenly placed parcel reaches the right hands again. However, the receiver might have to wait longer. Moreover, the sender won’t be able to track the parcel.

The wrongly placed parcel is dependent upon the mercy of UPS hands which is not legally responsible for delivering it. Which may cause mishandling by the transporter, ultimately resulting in the delivery of the parcel without any receipt. Just like any other postal service provide, UPS is also not authorized of keeping a track of another company’s parcel.


Now, it is clear that dropping off USPS mails at UPS is not a good option. In this case, it gets important to be aware of all the options available for customers to drop off their USPS parcels.e


The most conventionally available options for dropping mails are USPS mailboxes. There are around 1,43,000 mailboxes across the USA. These blue-colored boxes are easily visible and are checked regularly by the USPS’s parcel collectors.

2. USPS Post office-

There are around 30,000 post offices around the USA. It is also an easy way to drop USPS mails or parcels. Before dropping the mail, it is suggested to ensure the appropriate label on the parcel.

If the nearby USPS post office or mailbox is not easy to locate, one can find it by searching on the official website of USPS.

To find the nearby post office, one needs to visit the USPS website and click on the location tab visible after tapping on the menu. Choose the Post offices option and enter the details like city, state, and zip code. After entering the result, all the nearby post offices’ details will be visible in the research.

In case of finding USPS mailboxes, one has to follow the same procedure, except selecting the option of Post Office. While clicking the location tab, choose another option of ‘collection boxes’. Then search after entering all the details like city, state, and zip code. 


There is no exclusive tie-up between USPS and UPS for using each other’s delivery services for their parcels. That’s why it is not possible to drop off USPS parcels at USPS. However, if in case this has been done, regardless of any reason, the USPS parcel may be handed over back to USPS. It may take much longer to deliver the parcel, which may cause inconvenience to the receiver.


Q1. Is there a particular weight category of mails that can be dropped in the box??

Ans: Yes, there are some limits on the maximum weight of the mail and restrictions on exceeding the limit.

Q2. What kind of mails are rejected for delivery by USPS?

Ans- Apart from weight, there are certain criteria for international mails, which if not followed may lead to the rejection of that mail. One such case is of international mails that require the online submission of customs declaration, but the online submission is not done, then such mails can be rejected. Some mails also require postage stamps. The absence of the same may also lead to rejection

Can you drop off USPS at ups?

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