What is USPS Informed Delivery?

In this era of digitization, companies are investing in technology that provides their customers with convenience and efficiency ensuring they are satisfied with the products and services they provide. USPS has also embraced technology in their delivery to ensure its customers are involved in every step of the delivery of their packages and are in control of how, where, and when their packages will be delivered to them. Let’s have a look at ‘What is USPS Informed Delivery?’.

What is UPSP Informed Delivery?

USPS provides its residential customers with an additional notification feature that allows them to view, track, and manage the delivery of their packages online. The feature is known as USPS Informed Delivery only available to eligible residential addresses and customers can be linked to USPS mobile App, USPS account, or customer email address where they will be able to receive delivery notifications.  

Overview of USPS informed delivery 

How to sign in to USPS Informed Delivery?

A customer in need of USPS Informed Delivery has to visit https://informeddelivery.usps.com/  and sign up for an account for free. The email address provided will be assessed for eligibility once approved, the customer logs in to their USPS account if they have one or create a USPS account if they do not have one. 

Then select Informed Delivery on their profile page, click on enroll and the Account Management, read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, receive a Welcome letter in their email address to verify the email address, and click on Enroll in Informed Delivery and complete the verification questions provided. The customer now creates their Informed Delivery profile by providing their username, password, contact information and fill the security questions.


USPS provides its customers with eligibility criteria for them to qualify for the Informed Delivery feature. The eligible criteria include, that a customer must live in a USPS eligible location, they should be able to verify their identity, and have a uniquely coded mailbox.    

Means of Informed Delivery notifications delivery  

The customer receives daily notifications of their package delivery from Monday through Saturday excluding Sundays and federal holidays via their email addresses provided during sign-up, on the USPS Mobile App, or their Informed Delivery dashboard. A new Informed Delivery customer will start receiving notifications within three business days of signing up to the feature. 

Viewing package in Informed Delivery

USPS scans the package exterior and sends the images to the customer. At the Informed Delivery email, a customer can view their packages or at the dashboard, the customer selects packages to view the packages to be delivered to them and selects the blue arrow on the package he or she wants to view. The customer can see the package tracking number, customer name, and date of package delivery.  

Sorting items in USPS Informed Delivery

USPS Informed delivery displays four colors with different meanings to the delivery status of a package. These are

  • Green-This means a package has already been delivered 
  • Blue – This is for a package that is still on its way to being delivered 
  • Gray- For packages whose delivery date have not been assigned to 
  • Red- For packages that there is an action required on them 


  • This is free of charge as a customer in need accesses it at no additional cost to their shipping fees. 
  • It is safe as it provides customers with a secure dashboard that protects all the information they have provided to USPS. 
  • USPS assures customers email their emails are protected by U.S. Postal Inspection Service. 
  • Customers using USPS Informed Delivery can view the progress of their packages by tracking them every step of the way. A customer can also use email or text notifications for tracking their package delivery status. 
  • It enables a customer who missed their package delivery to plan another date and date for redelivery of their package or leave instructions if they won’t be available on the scheduled delivery date. 
  • It enables customers to preview how soon their packages will be delivered using a dashboard with different colors.  


USPS Informed Delivery feature allows customers to manage their packages delivery giving them control and being able to know of their status every step of the way. The feature comes in very handy by giving the customer peace of mind and assurance knowing their package shipping progress and being able to prepare to receive it during the scheduled delivery date. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

  1. Can I create a USPS Informed Delivery for my business address?

No. The USPS Informed Delivery feature is only available for residential addresses. 

  1. What email address does USPS use to communicate to customers with USPS Informed Delivery?

USPS uses USPSInformeddelivery@email.informeddelivery.usps.com to send email notifications to customers 

  1. Can I receive an email notification for a shared mailbox?

Yes. If a customer shares a mailbox with someone else, they will receive all the email notifications for packages addresses to the mailbox. 

  1. Will I be charged for re-delivery if I am not available during delivery?

No. USPS does not charge for redelivery 

  1. If I am not available to receive a package, can I assign someone else?

Yes. A customer can assign someone else to pick the package for them by giving delivery instructions to USPS via the Informed Delivery feature. 

What is USPS Informed Delivery?

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