What Channel is Newsmax on Comcast?

What Channel is Newsmax on Comcast?


Newsmax is a conservative 24 hours channel that telecasts a mixture of talk shows and radio shows. Its main focus is opinion-based talk shows, which it carries most of the time. It also telecasts documentaries and movies on weekends. Launched in 2014, Newsmax has a reach of 75 million homes in the USA.  However, Comcast is one of the largest companies in the USA. That’s why many people want to keep a note of the number on which Newsmax is telecasted on Comcast. What Channel is Newsmax on Comcast?

Newsmax is a free-to-air channel that is telecasted by most cable service providers. People can also watch the channel online. Comcast service users, have to switch to 1115, to enjoy the news shows of Newsmax at their homes


In a short span of 8 years, the channel has become a household name in the USA. The channel started as a news portal. But with the increasing popularity of its talk shows, Newsmax became a leading news channel in America. However, the channel has been highly controversial because of its political inclination. Rejecting all such controversies, the channel makers claim it to be unbiased and devoted to public service.


Newsmax started as a conservative news channel. The channel makers knew about the widespread acceptance of conservative news in America. A mindset that supports the traditional ideology and is unable to accept liberal ideas has faith in private ownership and traditional ideas are considered to be conservative. 

One more side of the story is the friendship between former US President Donald Trump and Newsmax owner Christopher Ruddy. That’s why it is criticized for being biased.


Newsmax aims to narrate an unbiased story for the people. The channel aims to end the one-sided monopoly of certain channels that are highly political. The channel believes in working for the people rather than for the policymakers.

The 2020 Election Coverage by NEWSMAX

At the time of the 2020 elections, Newsmax was still a newcomer in the media industry. Who knew that this newcomer will rise as the trusted news channel at the end of elections in 2020. Last elections saw highly misleading reporting by the leading news channels. As soon as the people realized this fact, they started to find alternatives. The well-established lost their viewer base’s trust. At this time, people switched to conservative news channels to find news of some sense. Newsmax was the prime beneficiary of this big shift. On the one hand, the highly trusted FOX news channel was losing its viewer base, and on the other hand, Newsmax was gaining popularity. In the end,  Newsmax reported a higher viewer rating than FOX.  With this, Newsmax has a high chance to become a leading conservative news channel in the USA.


In 2018, Newsmax entered into a contract with Comcast. As per the contract, Comcast included Newsmax in its Xfinity service. This particular move gave a major fillip to Newsmax and increased its viewer base multiple times. It was after this agreement, Newsmax got its space in other distributors’ lists as well. With this, Comcast was considered to be balancing between left and right-leaning news channels in its digital starter package. Comcast has been always criticized for giving major space only to liberal news channels.   

Location of Newsmax on other cable networks

Viewers can watch Newsmax at Comcast on channel no.1115.  In the case of other cable service providers, people have to switch to 1209 to watch it at TDS, 209 to watch at Verizon Fios, to 615 to watch at IPTV.


Newsmax has become a leading and trustworthy news source for millions of Americans. More and more people want to subscribe to this channel through their distributors.  On Comcast, this channel is shown at 1115 number. Viewers can also watch this channel online. Newsmax application is another handy source for its viewers. Since 2014, the Newsmax channel aims to make its space among the well-established conservative news channels. The elections of 2020, helped the channel to gain the trust of USA citizens, through its reporting. 


Q. How to get a Newsmax TV channel?

Ans. It is a free-to-air channel, that’s why it must be available with nearly all the cable companies. However, if it is not there, then people can simply contact their cable company and ask them to tune the channel for their subscription. Viewers don’t have to pay any extra charge for demanding this channel. To ask the cable company for Newsmax, people can call at toll-free number 18445006397.

Q. How to add channels to the Comcast account?

Ans. To add new channels into account, open the list of channels. Then select any of the desired channels which you wish to add. A blue circle will appear below the channel logo. New charges will be added to the subscription pack with the addition of new channels. 

What Channel is Newsmax on Comcast?

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