Where Is Ghee In Walmart Other Grocery Stores?


Here we will see about the Where Is Ghee In Walmart Other Grocery Stores?

Just saw an Indian recipe or ate an Indian dish and now you are mad about the special smell and that fascinating taste of that dish just by adding that magical thing which is none other than showstopper GHEE.

Where Is Ghee In Walmart Other Grocery Stores?

Well ghee is the most common household product which can be easily found in every Indian kitchen, in fact in some households of India they make ghee at home from milk, especially in villages the Indian grandmothers never let the youngers buy ghee from market they use pure and homemade ghee, which tastes like heaven but what to do when you stay at a city where you rarely see a cow, buy it from stores like Walmart.

As a really uncommon product in European countries, we can rarely find ghee but no worries when we are here, okay so let’s start our quest for ghee.

Where to find Ghee in a Walmart Store?

Wear your seat belts tightly and let’s start our quest for the legendary ingredient which is the showstopper of every kitchen.

  • 1.Well ghee is a type of clarified butter.so, you might be thinking that you can find ghee nearby butter, but sadly this isn’t the case because butter is stored in cold places, the refrigerator but ghee doesn’t require refrigerator it is in liquid for in summers and solidifies in winters, basically ghee doesn’t require any refrigerator as it is a shelf stable product, so you won’t find ghee in any of the refrigerators.
  • 2.During any functions in India, food is the most important part of any Indian festival/function especially sweets. Indian sweets are the love of my life especially when they are made of ghee. It just adds that flavour, that taste that just makes you fall for the sweet and it is a ritual that sweets or the whole meal should be made up of ghee. So, basically ghee is used in place of oils, so there is a fair enough chance that you can find ghee in the cooking oils section.
  • 3.The best way to find ghee, as mentioned earlier, ghee is the most important element in any Indian ritual and in the Indian kitchen so basically ghee is an Asian product. There is a one hundred percent chance that you can find ghee in any Asian store near you.
  • 4.If you can’t find it offline you can find ghee in online stores and you will get a variety of options to shop you can find the best quality ghee from online stores. The best and easy way to find ghee.

What if you can’t find ghee in any nearby store or stores are closed due to the pandemic? Also your order can’t be shipped due to covid pandemic, so what to do. For this you can make ghee at home, yes you can don’t forget that Indians still make their ghee at home

How to make your own Homemade Ghee?

Here are the steps


  1. Milk
  2. Pan


Step 1- Take a pan and heat it, add a few drops of water in it.  will help to avoid the milk from sticking to the bottom of the pan. Now add milk in it, scrape the sides and bring it to a boil.

Step 2- Now let the milk cool for 1-2 hrs and now remove the malai collected on top of the milk and store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Continue this process for at least for a week.

Step 3- Now remove the malai from the refrigerator and leave it at room temperature for 6 hours, now add 2 cups of cold water in it you can see the white butter and malai separated. Now using a hand blender, blend it for 2 to 3 minutes.

Step 4– You can see a layer of thick makhana formed on top of it, now remove it in a bowl using your hands or a spoon. Remove all the excess water by squeezing it with your hands.

Step 5– White butter is ready, now take the white butter in an aluminium pan and cook on slow flame for 20 minutes, stir it and scrape the sides.

Ghee is ready when you see pale yellow transparent liquid. This is ghee; the brown solid is ghee residue.

Now strain it and the yellow liquid is the ghee. Hurray! Finally you extracted ghee from milk. Now it’s time to enjoy it. 


Ghee can be found in the cooking oil section in any store if you can find it in any normal stores then try to find ghee in Asian market or Asian stores near you, you can’t find ghee in any refrigerator because it is a shelf stable product, so don’t search ghee in refrigerators.

Try to find natural ghee, and how can you identify whether a ghee is natural or artificial read the description of the product and the ingredients used in the. Also search the brand online and read whether they sell natural products or artificial ones. Also you can read the reviews online given by the customers in Amazon or any other ecommerce store where you find this product.

Do not consume too much ghee in a day. You should consume 3-6 tsp of ghee a day on a daily basis not too much then the limited amount. Ghee helps in keeping your body warm so it is really helpful in winters.

Where Is Ghee In Walmart Other Grocery Stores?

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