Enterprise Tire Warranty.

Here we will see about the Enterprise Tire Warranty.


A warranty is a written agreement that is issued by a manufacturer that holds a promise to repair an item or replace it when necessary and it covers a certain specific period. In the motor industry, there are different types of warranty offered according to the covers to stand for. Among them is the enterprise tire warranty.

Enterprise Tire Warranty.

Enterprise tire warranty reverses to a protection plan that covers the replacement or the repair of tires that are caused by some road hazards which include nails, potholes, rocks, glass, and many other objects that are normally found on the roadways. Additionally, this warranty covers the repair and replacement of tires without any deductibles with no limits on occurrences or mileage. 

How You are Covered

The coverage of this warranty is available on eligible tires, and this is shown in detail in the given contract. The coverage starts from the date of purchase of the tire, and it is normally indicated on the receipt under the registration page. Additionally, this coverage is valid for the next 60 days after the date of approximately 8000 miles. 

The Repair

Upon the tire damage by any of the covered road hazards, the appropriate plans are made to cover up to $25 per occurrence. Additionally, reimbursement is limited to a few numbers of repair claims during the coverage term.

Tire Replacement

If a tire gets damaged by a road hazard that has been covered and a repair is impossible due to the extent of the damage, the tire is replaced with another with the exact features that perform the same functions. The warranty normally pays for these services up to a certain value per covered replacement, balancing tire pressure and even taxes.

No deductible payment is required on authorized repairs or replacements of tires undercover.


The amount of cost that the plan in the warranty pays for the claims made is not supposed to exceed the lesser of the original buying price of the covered tire. In case the tire sustains damage that is under the warranty, the vehicle and the tire are advised to go to the dealer where the tire was purchased. Under this, the vehicle and the covered tire must be maintained as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

Emergency Road Service

Enterprise tire warranty is open to the emergency road services which include the following:

  1. Tire service- which includes the changing of a flat tire with an already inflated one.
  2. Delivery services- these include the availing of emergency supplies like oil, gasoline, or water as per the need at hand. However, these services are not covered in the plan but rather availed to be paid by the individual.
  3. Locksmith services involve a dispatch of a locksmith in case a key has been locked in the car.
  4. Towing service in case of a vehicle being completely disabled, an authorized towing service is available to tow the car up to a specific distance in search of the right destination.


The enterprise tire warranty has come in handy to many due to its wide coverage of benefits ranging from covering 24-hour roadside assistance, taking up costs that are associated with repairs and replacements. The warranty also covers towing services and the costs incurred in flat tire change services. Lastly, it is considered a real deal as it ensures expert mechanics that have the best understanding, and knowledge of vehicles and tire services are the ones licensed to do the repairs and replacements. This ensures the longevity of the offered services thereby showing the undisputed strength of the plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will enterprise cover a flat tire?
  • Yes, flat tires are part of the benefits that come with a tire warranty. in any case of a flat tire, the car owner is advised by the warrant to call so that dispatch can be sent in the 24-hour road assistance.
  1. What does the tire protection cover?
  • In the event of a tire being damaged due to road hazards such as nails glass and others, the plan covers all these damages.
  1. How much does a tire warranty cost? 
  • The cost ranges between $20 and $30 per tire on average.
  1.  Who is responsible for a flat tire on a rental car?
  • In this case the rental car company texts the responsibility of covering the labor cost for replacing the damaged tire and all the costs incurred in towing the car to the nearest service facility.
  1. Can one add a tire warranty after purchase?
  • Yes, the tire warrant can be added up to 30 days after the date of purchase however in many cases once you buy a car you are covered by the best all the favorite warranty in the business.
  1. How can one replace tires under warranty?
  • In the event of an attack, a dire has one out evenly around the tread before the estimated mileage limit is attended; you might qualify for the replacement, but this falls under the tread life warranty. For this to take place a proof of purchase and proof that the tires were properly rotated at the recommended intervals must be provided.
Enterprise Tire Warranty.

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