How To Find GM Financial Account Number?

Here we will see about the How To Find GM Financial Account Number?

The GM Financial account number is needed for online payments and transactions for a GM customer. Every customer is given an account number when you join the GM Finance.

How To Find GM Financial Account Number?

How to find your GM Financial account number? The account number can be recovered from your monthly billing statements. Otherwise, you can check your welcome letter which is received over a few weeks after you purchase or lease a vehicle.

Ways to find GM account number

  • Check your monthly billing statements
  • Check your welcome letter
  • Contact your dealership
  • Text WELCOME to 53721

Checking monthly billing statements

The account number will be a series of number. One way to get account number is checking your monthly billing sheets of GM Financial. If you already have a GM account, it would be available in your login page. To sign in to your account, you just need email address and password. 

Checking welcome letter

Another way to find your account number is to check your welcome letter if it’s with you. Every GM customer receives a welcome letter within a few weeks after purchasing or leasing a vehicle. The welcome letter contains your name and account number in it.

Contacting dealership

If both the ways mentioned above doesn’t work, don’t get upset. There is another way for acquiring the account number. Try contacting your dealership to clear all your doubts. You can also try sending a text message ‘WELCOME’ to 53721. 

What can you do with your GM account?

Is it hard remembering all your bill payment dates or do you get overloaded with unnecessary messages? By creating your account, it becomes easy for payments as you can enable Auto Pay, online billing options and message customer care all from one place. You can view digital statements, get to know about more offers and explore the lease end process using your account.


The recovery of account number could be done in above mentioned ways. GM Financial provides many services related to dealership, financing and financial decisions. Having a GM account is necessary for availing most of its features. It keeps you out of long-time payment processes. For more information about account visit the official site of GM Finance.

Frequently Asked Questions?   

1) How you can register for an online GM account?

You can create your account from GM financial login site. Click on Register Now. Provide other information like name, account number, email and a valid password to register your account. 

You can register using GM Financial Mobile app also. Provide your account number and other details. The final 4 digits of your SSN (social security number) will be also needed for this.

2) What are the payment options?

There are many ways by which you can pay your bills in online or offline mode. They are:

Using mobile App: Download the GM Financial Mobile app and pay your bills using the app. Save your bank account details while paying for making further payments more easily. 

Login to official site: Login to MyAccount from official site and pay online. Charges may apply for paying using debit card. Paying using internet banking is free.

Via Phone: Other payment option is to call 1-800-284-2271 and proceed with payment. Call charges may apply.

Via mail: check and money order could be sent via mail to pay your bill. For vehicle loan payments the mail address is:

Regular mail:
GM Financial
P.O. Box 78143
Phoenix, AZ 85062-8143

Overnight mail:
GM Financial
1820 E. Sky Harbor Circle South, Suite 150
Phoenix, AZ 85034-9700

To view the other mailing address, click here

3) What is the advantage of paperless billing and how to enroll?

The advantage of paperless billing is that you can make payments online and view your bills anytime on your account. It could be done through MyAccount. Login to MyAccount from GM Finance site or use the GM Finance Mobile app. Update the profile setting by turning on the Paperless Billing option. You will receive notification when the billing statement is ready.

4) How to connect with customer experience team online and is this service available 24/7?

You can connect with customer service team online through your GM account. Click on the messaging icon on your MyAccount profile. Your messaging session will be open now and you can ask your questions here. You will be connected with the team during business hours. The phone support will be available from 7 A.M to 6 P.M. Saturday and Sundays will be holiday. 

After the session ends, the recorded transcript of this session will be saved in your MyAccount. It will be available on your account for the next 13 months. You can access the messaging service from your GM Finance Mobile app also.

Other way to connect with customer experience team is to text* BIZ to 53721. It connect you with virtual assistant. Message charges may apply. The toll-free number to contact for customer support is 1-855-501-5563. 

How To Find GM Financial Account Number?

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