How to have Access of On Demand Direct Tv Now?

Here we will see about the How to have Access of On Demand Direct Tv Now?

Streaming Services are providing a wide range of entertainment through pre-released Movies and TV Shows on their platforms. Some of these Services have even begun to flourish in creating their own content and releasing it independently. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are its primal examples. Similarly, DirectTV on Demand is a specialized streaming platform providing vast access to the latest and oldest Shows and Movies.

How to have Access of On Demand Direct Tv Now?

What is DirectTV?

 Since its earlier days, DirectTV is the Largest Satellite Pay-TV Provider through which one can access channels further than any Traditional broadcast or Cable TV Providers can. The Company that provides this service uses a set of equipment consisting of a Satellite Dish, a Receiver, a Decoder and a DirectTV access card. Through a broadcast Satellite, digital television and audios are transmitted to the homes of its consumers. 

The simple reason for people to prefer DirectTV over CableTV is because it provides a wider range of channels, higher quality and original programming on low prices. It offers premium videos with better picture and hundreds of channels; meanwhile Cable TV Providers can only Offer dozens of them. This is why DirectTv became the Largest Digital Entertainment Provider in the world.

What is On Demand DirectTV Now?

On Demand DirectTV Now is an enhanced version of the Services provided by DirectTV. Before, costumers merely had the access of hundreds of channels provided by satellite connection, however, that has been progressed to an even wider, i.e., more than thousand channels for one’s entertainment with the content of one’s choice. 

DirectTV Now is a streaming Service that offers people Live Shows and On Demand Programs where you can watch pre-recorded content, like Netflix. Movies are available days before they are released on other platforms and a great variety of old shows and films can be watched here. 

How does it work?

Firstly, and most importantly, one will need HD DVR to connect to DirectTV. What is HD DVR?

High Definition Digital Video Recorder (HD DVR) is a DVR that supports Videos with high definition format. A DVR is a device that records, pauses, rewinds, fast-forwards and save shows and movies on one’s Television. It consists of a Hard Drive in which the saved videos are kept and can be seen later.

At the Ordering Stage, One must choose to order HD DVR and receive On Demand DirectTV Now Service. 

Once the order is arrived, have a Service Provider by your side and take the Installer, the DirectTV Cinema Connection Kit and the DVR. 

Connect the DirectTV Cinema Connection Kit to the DVR by the Installer. The Installation Process is Cost-free.

 Once DirectTV is set up, begin the process to watch On Demand. 

Press Menu, and you will receive a watch title. After the title has appeared, choose your playback Option:

  • Watch Now: Title will begin to download to watch.
  • Record: The Title will download and record and the show will appear on your watch list.
  • Add to Queue: It will only be available after it is downloaded on your playlist.

There are three ways to connect On Demand DirectTV Now to Internet:

Wireless Connection: Available only on three receiver models- Genie HR44, HR55, H44. If one does not have them, then one will need a CCK Kit.

Hardware Connection: Needs an Internet Cable to connect one end to the Receiver and the other end to the Modem.

Broadband DECA: Needs Costumer Support for Complex Connection.

What is the cost of using it?

In Case of DirectTV, it is cheaper than most of the Cable TV Providers with the price of $29.99 for a month. 

In Cast of On Demand DirectTv Now, The prices range from $30-$45 for a month. However, a 7 days free trial package is provided for the new customers.

What are its Drawbacks?

  • DirectTv on Demand deletes the saved videos in its system after 30 to 45 days, without any reminders.
  • It is costlier than the earlier price of DirectTv Services.
  • Since it uses a Satellite Connection, DirectTv may crash sometimes due to storms or bad weather conditions.

What are its benefits?

  • DirectTv On Demand Provides pre-released movies and shows, with better quality and programming facilities.
  • Direct TV Now on Demand Allows users to gain access to content from third parties.
  • Through the Mix Feature Option, it allows users to watch eight channels on one channel itself.
  • There is a vast variety of sport channels in this streaming platform. One can even pick their own favorite teams and sporting events, arrange them in one convenient channel and watch them altogether.

Is it Safe?

Yes, apart from a few disadvantages and its costliness, On Demand DirectTV Now is Completely Safe and Beneficial for its Customers. Even though it contains of a complicated installation process and set-up, a service provider accompanied would greatly help in simplifying the work. 

How to have Access of On Demand Direct Tv Now?

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