What Channel Is Discovery On Fios? 


Here we will see about the What Channel Is Discovery On Fios? 

Not able to track your show on Discovery just because you are not able to find your discovery channel on FiOS?. Sometimes it becomes hard to access a channel on TV. There could be several reasons for that. Maybe you are not aware of the channel number or maybe you don’t subscribe to it. When it’s about discovery, it’s everyone’s favorite because it gives you a whole new experience of knowledge and entertainment.

What Channel Is Discovery On FiOS? 

Discovery is one of the most watched channels in the USA. It is a perfect example of knowledge, history, science, and entertainment. But, did you have trouble finding discovery on FiOS or were you unable to track a channel? So, this article is for you to solve your problem. You will be able to track your favorite show of discovery on FiOS. You just have to read the full article below.

What is FiOS?

FiOS is an acronym for fiber optical service. It’s a USA-based internet company that provides different services in the fields of the internet, television, and telephone. FIOS is also known as Verizon FiOS.

Verizon FiOS offers a TV cable package. It provides a personalized package. You can pick the package that you like. And you don’t need to pay extra money for those channels which you don’t want. There are no surcharges, broadcast fees, or regional sports network fees. The price is the price. Verizon FiOS offers a package in two definitions: standard definition and high definition.

 But sometimes we don’t find what we like the most and it is difficult to find or track our favorite channel. There could be several reasons for that. Maybe the user did not include a particular channel, or maybe the user doesn’t know the channel number. So, here we will look at how a Verizon FiOS user can access discovery.

 So, here are some easy steps to finding discovery in FiOS.

How to Get Discovery on FiOS?

 Verizon FiOS provides you with your personalized package, which means you can choose the channels. You will only pay for the channels you watch. If you don’t subscribe to the Discovery channel yet, you will not be able to find it on your Verizon FiOS television.

 So first of all, check your package. Did you select discovery or not? To check, press menu > settings > system > favorite channel. Check whether you include discovery in your package or not. If you don’t have one, you can easily get access to it at anytime. Just go to “add or change service option” and change your package setting.

Under the Add/Change Service heading.

 Now, if you already have it in your package, you can easily access it.

What channel is Discovery on FiOS:?

If  you subscribe to the Verizon FiOS TV plan, you can enjoy the discovery      channel. The channel number for discovery is 120 for standard definition and 620 for high definition. Go to channel options or search menu and type in that particular channel number.

 The more you pay, the more you will get. This means the more you pay, the more you will get discovery family and discovery life. The Discovery family can be found at 259 for standard definition and 789 for high definition. Discovery Life can be found at 161 for standard definition and at 624 for high definition.

      Channel Name Channel Number

      Discovery                     120 (SD) Channel 620 (HD)

     Discovery family.        259 (SD) Channel 789 (HD)

     Discovery life.              161 (SD) Channel 624 (HD)

How to get Discovery Plus on FiOS:

 To get a whole new experience of the new show, you can also watch Discovery Plus. And it is important to note that discovery and discovery plus are different. Some shows are exclusive to Discovery Plus but not to Discovery. Currently, it is only available in the USA. US citizens can access it on the Verizon FiOS application because Discovery Plus isn’t available on Verizon FiOS cable TV because it is not a regular channel. Discovery Plus can be accessed on the Verizon FiOS application for that You just need to follow these steps.

  • 1.Open the My Verizon FiOS application.
  • 2.Press the “More” menu icon and go to the
  • 3.“Add-ons & Apps” button.
  • 4.Then the “Entertainment” button will appear. Click on that and then select “Learn more” under discovery+
  • 5.Review details and then click “Enroll.”
  • 6.Go through all the changes and accept the terms and conditions.
  • 7.Tap “Confirm” and then “Go to Discovery+” to finish setup.
  • 8.Enter your email address and create a password for your discovery+ account.
  • 9.Review the agreement and then tap “Agree and continue.”
  • 10Once you sign up, you can download Discovery Plus on your device. It gives you a whole new experience of entertainment and knowledge.


 So, Verizon FiOS users can access the discovery channel easily. Verizon FiOS provides a discovery channel in standard definition and high definition. Nowadays, discovery and streaming go hand in hand. People will like it for its exclusive show. Verizon FiOS customers can also access it through their app. just by logging into their account.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Does Verizon FiOS provide discovery service?
  2. Yes, it is provided by Verizon FiOS. Does
  1. Verizon FiOS provide discovery plus?
  2. No, because it’s not a regular channel. It is provided in their    application.
  1. Can we access the high definition discovery channel on Verizon FiOS?
  2. yes, Verizon FiOS provides a discovery channel in high definition.
What Channel Is Discovery On Fios? 

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