Can you buy McDonald’s toys?

Can you buy McDonalds toys?

Everybody loves a happy meal toy and one has always wondered if you can get it without the happy meal. Let’s admit that everyone is guilty of buying a happy meal just because of the toy that is included in it. You can get a McDonald’s happy meal toy without the meal. One can buy the toy separately if you want it. This is good news for those who love to keep a collection of the most loved toys of all time. Let’s know the answer to the question- Can you buy McDonald’s toys?

Can you buy a happy meal toy alone without the famous happy meal?

Yes, you can.McDonald’s sells the toys separately for $1.69. However, if you buy it with a happy meal it will cost you $ 0.79 which is less than buying it separately. You can request the manager to let you buy the toy and most likely he/she will agree. It is not the norm to give away only the toy because toys have to be given out only with the happy meal. But if you request, you may be allowed to buy it separately. 

You can get the toys on its website or you can get them online through retailers like Amazon. However, you may not get the latest ones or the ones that are of a limited edition. You have chances of getting older toys in case you want to buy them separately. One thing to note is that McDonald’s does not sell its toys in bulk. 

What are the plans ahead for McDonald’s toys?

The company has made sure to make the toys here to stay by sustainably making them. The company plans to make the toys using minimal plastic by the end of 2025. It is a great move because it will save the environment as well as keep the toys available for all those McDonald’s toys lovers all over the globe. Since 2018, the company has already cut down its plastic use by 30%. It is interesting to note that billions of its toys are sold out throughout the year. Since the company makes a lot of toys, shifting to make sustainable ones is a great move.

The Sustainable toy will be made with recycled material. The plastic figurines will be eliminated and replaced with 3-D cutouts. The wrapping will be plant-based and fiber. Recycling old toys is also on the lookout. Thinking about the safety of the kids led the company to take this great initiative.

All about McDonald’s toys.

The company started giving out toys during the year 1970. It is not like the company did not give out toys before that as it was giving custom toys before the happy meal came out. The toys were made after their brand mascots. Among the mascots, the most popular one was the Ronald McDonald doll. The mascots were dearly loved and made the brand the most kid-friendly one. 

When was the happy meal launched?

In the year 1979, the famous happy meal was launched. The first happy meal had a circus theme toy and the menu contained cookies, fries, and a soft drink. The initial toys that McDonald introduced were Mcdoodler stencils, McWrist wallets, ID bracelets, puzzles, erasers, and spinning tops. These toys included its company logo. 1979 was the year when McDonald tied up with Star trek. There was a time in 1982 when McDonald’s 10 million Playmobil happy meal toys went into legal battle as these toys were causing a choking hazard to under 3 years old.

Can McDonald’s toys be swapped for a sustainable option?

The company is making the option of swapping the plastic toys with fruit bags or a book. The health and safety of its customers are the priority of the company.

McDonald toys promotions

The toys do not stay for long. One has to be swift to act whenever any new limited edition is out. Some limited-editions include cowboy Mcnugget, Patti the platypus Beanie Baby, or Hamburglar. Such surprise promotions are only for four days and hence one has to be quick to avail it before it is gone.


No one has not been directly or indirectly been affected by the happy meal toy. It has given every kid and adult happy memories. Today more than 100 countries sell happy meal toys and this toy has become a part and parcel of every kid’s childhood. Ever since its first introduction in 1979, happy meals have introduced toys with characters from movies, tv-series, etc. McDonald’s partnerships with Disney, the Warner Brothers, and Hasbro have been a catalyst for making famous and interesting toys, making them more interesting to kids and adults alike. The move to making sustainable toys will be a great solace to its toy fans as there is an assurance that the toys are here to stay for all time.

Some FAQs about McDonald’s toys.

1. How to look for a particular toy of your choice?

You can contact the McDonald’s store directly to find out the particular toy.

2. Can I exchange a toy for a new one?

No. Such exchange is not done due to safety issues and to maintain fairness to all since new toys are released regularly.

3. When can I get new happy meal toys?

It is launched on Thursdays at 11:00 am. You will get a new one at that time.

Can you buy McDonald’s toys?

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