Why Starbucks is successful?

Why Starbucks is successful?


Starbucks Corporation chain of coffee houses headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Presently, Starbucks has established around 34,000 stores in 80 different countries. From 34,000 stores 15,500 stores are situated in the United States. These statistics make Starbucks the largest chain of coffeehouses all around the globe. You may be wondering how can a selling store become this successful? Well, to know that, keep reading the article. Let’s know ‘Why Starbucks is successful?’

Why is Starbucks successful?

Starbucks is the world’s most successful chain of coffee making because of its marketing strategy and years of hard work, High standards, Uncountable options, Unique Merchandise and cup designs, Good Reputation, and Ideas of Marketing. There are many more such reasons mentioned ahead.

The Major reasons behind the success of Starbucks

  • Good Ideas of Marketing- Starbucks is known as one of the most successful companies to run their business. They had so many downfalls during the whole journey of their success but always had a backup plan and never failed to emerge from the bad phase. 
  • Good Reputation- the coffee company has maintained its sense of reputation among the customers. A lot of people have heard but few of them have been there. Every time Starbucks opens a new store in a new city people rush to check out the store because of their reputation in the whole world. 
  • High Standards- we all know that topic is nothing like other small coffee shops and restaurants. They use high-quality coffee beans and products to make their coffee. People who visit Starbucks daily are often called rich because the prices are very high. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing store- Starbucks restaurants are designed in such ways that people will never want to come out of them. The store looks aesthetic enough to make you fall in love with itself and act as a treat to your eyes. There is no such thing as huge decorations and accessories. They minimize the decoration which looks classy and elegant. 
  • Uncountable Options- Starbucks is the only place where more than 80,000 types of drinks are served. The menu of Starbucks has a creative and delicious combination of beverages. They constantly create new variations out of old standards. 
  • Well-Customized store- the company makes sure to keep their food cases in the best lit area of the store, which grabs attention easily. They also have very tempting grab-and-go items according to the season and festivals. They constantly keep changing their wall and floor layouts which always surprises the customer and fascinates them. 
  • Collaborations- Starbucks collaborated with different organizations that made it more successful. Starbucks collaborated with Pepsi to introduce Frappuccino in 1994. There are many other collaborations that Starbucks had during its whole success journey.
  • Unique Merchandise- even if a person has never visited Starbucks once in his whole life, he would still know about their coffee because of their famous coffee cups. Starbucks believes in constantly swapping their new merchandise in and changing cup designs to impress customers. 
  • Liked by Celebrities- we always end up following celebrities from Hollywood and adopting their life habits. Many celebrities such as Taylor Swift, love Starbucks which makes their fans love it even more. 
  • Social Media- Social media can make anything famous. The popularity of Starbucks on social media increased when the famous people out their preferred Starbucks as the first thing to start the day with.

Starbucks is very popular between Gen-Z and millennials as well. The reason behind the popularity of Starbucks is its outstanding customer service. The visitors of Starbucks always confess that the employees who work at Starbucks are sweet and friendly. A generous interaction can make someone’s day better. You must have heard that they write the customer’s name on the cup of coffee, this excites people yet it is a silly thing but it’s the little things that matter in life.

What was Starbucks?

For the regular customers of Starbucks, it is not only a coffee shop, it is a place where they share the best memories with their families and friends. The owner of Starbucks Mr. Howard Schultz made thousands of efforts for the success of his company, not only in coffee making, but his target was to design and develop a place for the customers to relax and have fun after an exhausting day. The owner and the whole company worked on the improvement of the entire coffee buying experience of a customer. Hence, most of the coffee houses of Starbucks have indirect lighting, a decent environment, and a soothing melody in the background. 


In conclusion, Starbucks is successful because of its outstanding marketing and best customer service. It is popular because of its vast menu of drink options, and engaging staff members. 


  1. Why has Starbucks been successful?

Starbucks has been successful because of its incredible marketing policy and nice customer service. 

  1. Why is Starbucks the best? 

Starbucks is the best because of its high-quality coffee. 

  1. Why is Starbucks special?

Starbucks is special because no other coffee shop has rice coffee flavors and a decent aroma at the place. 

  1. What are the values that Starbucks provides to its customers? 

The values that Starbucks provides to its customers are as follows:- 

  • A vast variety of drinks. 
  • Remembering favorite drinks of regular customers.
  • Extraordinary customer is genuine.
  • A Genuine smile and friendly nature of the employees.
Why Starbucks is successful?

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