Does Office Depot Take PayPal?- Acceptable Payment Methods

Office Depot is a retail store company that exclusively deals in office supplies and types of equipment. It has its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, and has a pan-American presence among most, if not all major offices. Does Office Depot Take PayPal? a variety of supplies and types of equipment. Some products available at Office Depot are stationeries, office electronics and electrical units, water and tech utilities, and office furniture and decor. Office Depot not only serves as a retailer of office products but also offers other services like tech support, interior design support, and solutions for day-to-day problems in office environments.

Does Office Depot Take PayPal?

Clients can make their payments through PayPal at all Office Depot stores. Customers can use PayPal at the Checkout counter or Cash Register to buy their products. They may also use PayPal for their online purchases at Office Depot’s official website: Once the customer has confirmed which product they want to buy online, they will be redirected to a secure PayPal payment gateway to finish their transaction. After the transaction is complete, the items will be shipped to the client’s office or another valid shipping address in the United States as specified in the delivery receipt. In this article, we will go through the list of payment methods that are accepted by Office Depot for in-store and online shopping. We will also cover the services that Office Depot offers to its clients and other retailers and business solutions companies in the United States. Finally, we will go through some frequently asked questions about Office Depot relevant to this article.

List Of Acceptable Payment Methods At Office Depot

Does Office Depot Take PayPal? a variety of payment methods to its clients and customers. The following is a list of payment methods that customers can use to pay for their purchases and services availed from Office Depot:

  • Cash: Customers can pay in cash for their purchases at all Office Depot stores in the United States. Cash can be deposited with the cashier or at the checkout and a payment receipt will be given for reference. However, it should be noted, that cash is not accepted for purchases done online at But, customers can choose to pay with cash for in-store pickup orders. After the product(s) are received at the stores, they can pay in cash.
  • Personal Checks: Office Depot employees will cash checks for all purchases done at the store. All Office Depot stores accept personal checks issued by all recognized banks in the United States. Personal checks must be signed at the time of payment and all pre-signed checks will not accept for payment. It is not possible to pay with personal checks for online purchases.
  • Digital Mobile Banking Methods: Office Depot allows its customers to pay for their purchases through mobile or digital wallet systems. PayPal is popular in the United States and, Office Depot allows PayPal’s payment gateway to be accessible by customers in the store or online. Some other digital banking systems are also valid for making payments at Office Depot. Apple pay and Samsung Pay can be used as an alternative to PayPal for mobile banking.
  • Credit and Debit Cards: Credit and debit cards issued by all recognized banks and credit unions can be used by customers to pay for their shopping at Office Depot. These cards are valid for shopping offline at Office Depot stores or online at In addition, customers can also use the Office Depot Credit cards issued by the company itself for shopping purposes.
  • Office Depot Credit Cards: Office Depot offers its credit cards for shopping offline and online. It offers three different credit cards to customers for use. These are Office Depot Personal Credit card, Business Account card, and Business Credit card. Customers and clients can choose the card which suits their needs and budget the most.
  • Office Depot Gift Cards and Reward Cards: Office Depot gift cards and reward cards can be used for paying at the store and online. Cards can be redeemed or issued at the local store or online. It should be noted that a credit card is still required when paying with gift or reward cards in case these cards fail.

Services Offered By Office Depot

Office Depot serves not only as a retailer but also as business services and solutions provider. Clients can avail many services at Office Depot depending on their problems. Services offered at Office Depot include but are not limited to:

  • Tech support and solutions
  • Same day services
  • Designing services
  • Printing
  • Mail and Delivery services
  • Signs, posters, and banner commissioning
  • Storage and shredding services
  • Document printing
  • Marketing services
  • Consultation with experts in required fields

Alternatives To Office Depot

If a customer does not find suitable items or the quality of items is substandard at Office Depot, they can choose to shop for office items at many other retailers. Some retailers that offer office supplies and pieces of equipment are:

  • Walmart.
  • Amazon.
  • Best Buy.
  • Staples.

These are some of the major office supplies retailers in the United States.


Office Depot takes PayPal for online and offline shopping. It also offers many other payment methods to its customers and while it is one of the top office goods retailers in the United States, there are many other equally good retailers whom customers may be interested in. Office Depot not only offers office supplies but also offers a plethora of business solutions and services that its clients may find helpful.


Q1. When is the expiry date of Office Depot gift cards?

A1. Office Depot gift cards stay valid for use up to 5 years from the date of issuance.

Q2. Does Office Depot take Visa?

A2. Yes, Office Depot takes visas from its customers for shopping.

Does Office Depot Take PayPal?- Acceptable Payment Methods

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