Can Instacart deliver Alcohol?

Can Instacart deliver Alcohol?


Instacart is one of the necessities in the lives of busy people. It is an American company which delivers groceries to your home. It also offers pick-up services from your desired stores. Let’s know ‘Can Instacart deliver Alcohol?’

You can order groceries, different foods, cosmetics, pet care things, perfumes, skincare, body care, etc. 

But sometimes, one might need to let loose a little and enjoy drinks at home. So, does Instacart deliver alcohol to the safety of your home? If you want to know, then you must read this article!

Does Instacart deliver alcohol?

  • Yes, Instacart does deliver alcohol. But there are conditions applied and this service is not available in every state.
  • Instacart follows some restrictions stated by the law and for the customer’s protection.
  • If a customer is unable to fulfill the basic requirements, then the amount will be refunded.
  • But, the delivery fee or the other fee charged on alcohol shall not be refunded. 

Some restrictions that are followed necessarily-

1. Customers ordering alcohol must be 21 or older than that.

2. The customer should provide a proper government ID for verification. The shopper will scan it or manually enter the information.

3. If your preferred alcohol is out of stock, the shopper will ask your permission for replacement. If not granted, the money will be refunded to you.

4. Alcohol is the only thing that can be ordered in place of the out-of-stock alcoholic item.

Some other restrictions- 

Alcohol delivery will not be handed to you if you are already intoxicated. It is for the protection of both the customer and the shopper from future problems.

The states to which alcohol delivery is allowed-

1. California

2. Connecticut

3. Florida

4. Illinois

5. Kentucky

6. Massachusetts

7. Minnesota

8. Missouri

9. North Carolina

10. Ohio

11. Oregon

12. Texas

13. Virginia

14. Washington 

15. Washington, D.C. 

16. Michigan

17. Nebraska

Instacart is working day and night to add more places to this alcohol delivery states list. If your state is not on the list then, don’t worry Instacart will soon start there too. It has expanded massively over the years and, hopefully, it will be covering every state very soon.

What documents are considered valid for verification by Instacart?

The documents or the IDs considered valid by Instacart for alcohol deliveries include-

1. Driver’s license with a photo issued by the United States.

2. Military ID issued by the United States.

3. State-issued identification card

4. United States-issued passport

5. Green card

  • The shopper/ delivery person will scan your ID from front and back. In some cases, he can also add the information manually.
  • Passport is not considered a valid document in most of the California, Costco, and Walmart orders nationwide.
  • Green cards are not accepted for Costco, Walmart orders nationwide, and California, Washington, Missouri, and Minnesota.

From which stores can you order your alcohol with Instacart?

There are several retailers, liquor shops, wine shops, etc to which Instacart is connected.

You can get your alcohol delivery or pick up from any available stores on the Instacart app or website.

The stores present on Instacart are-

1. Albertsons

2. Kroger

3. Publix

4. Schnucks

5. Sprouts Farmers Market 

6. Stater Bros

Some wine and liquor specialty stores like- 

1. BevMo!

2. Binny’s Beverage Depot

3. Total Wine & More in selected locations.

You can choose your favorite store and buy your favorite wine, liquor, etc from there.

Instacart will soon be adding more stores and more choices in alcohol.

What if the alcohol or the item you received from Instacart is wrong?

  • There are limited cases of such an error occurring. But if it happens to you, you should directly contact the Instacart help center.
  • You can either contact them through their website or the app.
  • You have 14 days to complain about the problem with your order.
  • From the given issues, you can select your’s issue.
  • A confirmation mail regarding the refund or any further action will be sent to you.
  • If you are still not satisfied then, you can contact the Instacart help executive on 18449813433. 


Instacart is one of the best options for getting quick delivery or pick-up service. You can buy alcohol from the available stores given on the Instacart app and website.

The delivery person will check your documents and, if they are not proper then, your order will be canceled. The amount will be refunded to you except the delivery fee, bottle fee, etc.

Some faqs regarding Instacart alcohol delivery-

  1. What should be the minimum age to get alcohol delivery from Instacart?

Ans- The minimum age for alcohol delivery is 21 years or older.

  1. What if I don’t have a valid document at the time of verification by the Instacart shopper?

Ans- Your order will be canceled and not given to you. The amount for it will be refunded back.

  1. What if Instacart shoppers deliver the wrong brand of alcohol?

Ans- Immediately contact the Instacart help center. Follow the process given by them.

Can Instacart deliver Alcohol?

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