Does Walmart Own Costco?- Companies owned by Walmart

Does Walmart Own Costco?


Walmart is an American company that runs a retail and online business, looking at the list of the best companies in the world, you will observe that Walmart is in the top section. It was the biggest company in the world in 2014. It was ahead of Facebook, Apple, and Google as well. Despite this successful company of Walmart in the retail sector, a company by the name of Costco is thriving. The company operates on one of the best business models in this world. The business model of the company is different from other stores. The products are low-priced with quality. Let’s know ‘Does Walmart Own Costco?’

Both of the companies are successful in their respective fields. They have different objectives and goals to achieve. They run on unlike rules and regulations as well. But who owns those companies? Well, to know everything about both of the companies, make sure to read the whole article till the end.

Does Walmart Own Costco?

No, Costco is not owned by Walmart. Both of the companies Walmart and Costco run separately. They both are each other’s rivals and always plan up various strategies to overcome each other. The companies Walmart and Costco are autonomous and run individually and not by one another. Some people assume that Walmart owns Costco because Walmart is a huge company and many other companies run under Walmart. But this does not go well with Costco, it is not owned by Walmart. 

Are Walmart And Costco Owned By The Same Company?

No, both the companies are not owned by the same company. They both are owned by different organizations or people. The owner of the company Walmart is none other than the Walton family. On the other hand, the company Costco is not owned by individual organizations. The company is regulated by different stockholders. Different people regulate both of the companies. They both are very successful in their fields and competitors of each other. 

What companies does Walmart own? 

Unfortunately, not Costco but big companies like Sam’s club, Vudu,, Massmart, amigo, and Flipkart run under Walmart. Walmart takes over companies and makes them run under itself for their profit. Around 43% of the profit of Walmart is from its subsidiaries. The companies that run under Walmart give up great profit to the organization.

What companies does Costco own?

Some companies that come under the subsidiary of Costco are Huggies and Duracell. It is one of the dominating companies in the American Retail Industry. The company is one of the biggest companies in the United States. The business model of Costco is unlike other companies in the retail industry and that is the reason why the company is successful. 

Are the companies Chinese Companies?

No, Costco and Walmart both are not based in China. Both of the successful companies are American-based. Both of the companies have stores in the country of China. But unfortunately, China does not have any connection with both of the companies. Both the companies have economic bonds with China because some of the products arrive from China to both of the stores. 

Are both the companies owned by Amazon? 

Many companies like Twitch, Zoox, Ring, and Whole Foods are owned by Amazon. But unfortunately, the companies are not owned by Amazon. They both are owned differently and not run under the company Amazon. 

Walmart Vs Costco Which Is More Successful?

Costco is a unique retail business company. They are very different from their competitors and rivals. 80% of their profit comes from the United States and Canada.  Costco opens more stores in different locations. Also, it regulates the sale of their previous stores as well. The company also provides good salary packages for the employees with great benefits. On the other hand, Walmart is also one of the most successful companies in the world. The company is one of the biggest employers in the United States as well. It provides many job roles to the people. Walmart has more stores than Costco. Hence, the profit generated by Walmart is also more than Costco. Hence the more successful company is Walmart, not Costco. Still, both of the companies are great individually. 


In conclusion, both companies do not have any relation of ownership between each other. Both of them are owned individually and not by one another. Some people may assume that Walmart owns Costco but it is not true. Walmart owns many different companies but not Costco. 


  1. Who is the parent company of Costco? 

Costco companies incorporated is the parent company of Costco. 

  1. Does Walmart own Sam’s Club?

Walmart owns Sam’s club.

  1. Is Costco owned by Target? 

No, Target does not hold the owners of Costco.

Does Walmart Own Costco?- Companies owned by Walmart

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