Does Roto-Rooter Pay Weekly?- How to Get a Job?

Does Roto-Rooter Pay Weekly?

Roto-rooter is the largest provider of plumbing services, water clean-up, and drainage services all over the US and Canada. The company provides all kinds of plumbing and sewer cleaning services. Roto-rooter operates in more than 600 locations, out of which around 500 branches are franchise-owned, while only 110+ locations are company-owned. Does Roto-Rooter Pay Weekly?

Roto-rooter hires plumbers, technicians, labor, excavator operators as service providers to the customers, and these employees are paid weekly. If you are a roto-rooter service provider or an hourly employee, you will receive salaries weekly.

How are Roto-rooters employees paid?

Generally, most of the roto-rooters employees are service providers like plumbers or technicians, and they are not permanent employees, and hence they receive their pay every week.

Desk jobs like area manager, sales representative, Customer service representatives, Human resources manager receive monthly salaries, but service providers are paid weekly. Here is how much Roto-rooter service employees earn approximately.

Job TitleSalary
Plumber$20-$25 per hour or $55,000 per year approx.
Technician$17-$22 per hour or $48,000 per year approx.
Laborer $15 per hour
Helpers$13-$15 per hour

Whenever you need a technician or a plumber for your house, a Roto-rooter is always available for you. The company operates on a franchising business model that makes it easy to reach many people and employ many workers on a contract basis.

Working at Roto-rooter

Roto-rooter employees receive a very reasonable salary. A job at a roto-rooter might not sound glamorous but is surely well-paid. It is an essential job that can provide a sense of job security. Once you join roto-rooter, the company will provide you with training and make you skill-ready to work for their customers.

The advantage of a skill-based job is that you can employ your skills anywhere without relying on a company to pay you. Here is why working at a roto-rooter can be a good experience.

  • Good Pay: Roto-rooter offers a reasonable salary to all its service providers. In fact, during the pandemic, many technicians and plumbers earned as high as $65,000-70,000 a year. It’s all about skills and how good you are at the job, and the money will flow in
  • Work-life balance: No one needs a plumber during the night. So, you can work flexibly during the day and spend your remaining time doing what you like. You can learn a new skill or take a part-time job to make extra money. A good work-life balance gives you more options to explore in your career.
  • Learning: As a service provider, you have to face new challenges every day, and your job is to overcome them. Sometimes you might have to work through a complex drainage or piping system, and you have to be a problem-solver. Such situations make you learn a lot and a job that provides you growth is worth working for

How to get a job at Roto-rooter?

Roto-rooters are always hiring! If you want to be a service provider at roto-rooter, you can apply online at, or you can also enquire at your local Roto-rooter branch if they are hiring and check job portals like Indeed or LinkedIn for vacancies. The hiring process can take around a day or even a week, depending on your location. 

Applicants have to go through a brief background check and a drug test before hiring. After that, you may have to go through a training process and learn, from how to operate a roto-rooter machine to basic skills for your job as a service provider.

Roto-rooter salary comparison

Roto-rooter provides a fair salary in comparison with independent plumbers or companies. Companies like Heatco, Kalsi plastics do not specialize in one domain like Roto-rooter which mainly provides plumbing and water clean-up services. On average, a plumber in the USA makes around $50,000-$55,000 and a laborer earns around $12-$18 per hour.

Associating with a brand like roto-rooter will help you understand the business and learn essential skills. People put their trust in brands because of their service history. Hence, if you are switching careers or working as a service provider or a technician, you can consider joining Roto-rooter for a stable job and earning.


All the roto-rooters service providers receive weekly payments, even if you are an hourly employee, you will be paid every week. Roto-rooter employs more than 3000 employees excluding the franchise workers. Today, no job is unglamorous as long as it teaches you a skill. A skill can help you and a job anywhere in the world. Hence, working with Roto-rooter can earn you good pay and good experience.

Frequently asked questions

1. Who are the service providers at Roto-rooter?

A. Plumbers, technicians, laborers, apprentice workers, helpers are service providers at Roto-rooter who are paid weekly. 

2. What is the lowest and highest salary of Roto-rooter service providers?

A. The lowest salary is of a laborer at $15 per hour and the highest is of plumbers and technicians at $20-$25 per hour approximately.

3. Do plumbers earn a commission at Roto-rooter?

A. Yes. Plumbers and technicians receive a commission of 20% at Roto-rooter.

4. What jobs at Roto-rooter pay monthly?

A. Jobs like an assistant, sales, call representatives, marketing, managers are paid monthly.

Does Roto-Rooter Pay Weekly?- How to Get a Job?

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