Is Roto-Rooter Nationwide?

The biggest contributor to Plumbing and Drainage services in North America is known as ‘Roto Rooter’. This company was founded in 1935 by Samuel Blanc. In 2020, it became a humungous union of thousands of plumbers working as employees within a corporation. Roto-Rooter was originally a Sewer cleaning machine. That is why Blanc decided to name his organization after it. Let’s know ‘Is Roto-Rooter Nationwide?’

Is Roto-Rooter Nationwide?

Roto-Rooter is Nationwide. It is a national service in the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. Almost 50 states of the US and Canada, with more than 600 locations secured from coast to coast are reachable to This Corporation. Unlike any other Plumbing Company in Northern America.

Is Roto-Rooter Nationwide?

The plumbing field is a miserably fragmented industry, and there is barely any unity in plumbers and drainage fixers. Roto-Rooter is an exception and is one of the fewer organizations that became wide enough to dominate above the states. 

The Firm Provides The Following Services:

  • Emergency Plumbing Services
  • Water-Heater Installation
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Drainage System Reparations
  • Clogged System Reparations
  • Sink Repair
  • Garbage Disposal Repair
  • Toilet Repair

Why Are There Not Many Plumbing Companies Like Roto-Rooter? 

Because of the aggressive protests by the plumbing sector against the fragmentation of plumbers, there are not enough plumbing unions in the US. A situation causes when a union of plumbers employed by a company is posted for jobs. the services provided by them would have been paid for a discount. This way, customers would prefer the offer of the plumbers recruited by a certain company, and Local plumbers will have lesser chances of jobs being offered.

How Much Do Roto-Rooter Apprentices Make?

Their payment rates are never consistent and this is one of the drawbacks of Roto Rooters. An employee can either be stuffed up with a lot of work with high payments, or they can be workless for days. An Average Roto-Rooter Apprentice’s yearly income is close to $56,000 in the United States, which is 8% above the national average income rate.

Is Roto-Rooter Expensive?

Roto-Rooter normally charges between $160-$450 for common plumbing problems like dripping faucets, clogged drains, and line repairs. This is considered a high cost for fixing by a Plumbing Organization. But, prices may vary depending on the location of a customer. Mostly, providers do not charge an extra fee for the location, and sometimes, one can even receive a discount if one lives at a decent place. Roto-Rooter costs close to $400 to stake a drain.

What Do Customers Think About Roto-Rooter?

The technicians go to the customers even on Sunday for a total sewer blockage. They remain quiet and nice till the work gets done to ensure that they do not disturb the guests. Moreover, they do not charge more for such good work.

Some customers find the technicians professional and knowledgeable that explain the process while working on it. The job gets done on the same day within two hours and the customers get genuinely impressed by the efficient service.

On the other hand, some customers suggest others to not take help from Roto-Rooter and call an honest plumber and save money instead. They say some technicians do nothing but enrage the problem and the customers end up calling someone else to fix it.


Roto-Rooter is one of the few organizations that provides plumbing services and drainage system reparations on a nationwide scale. The reason why there are fewer unions like Roto Rooters is due to the protest of plumbers against Plumbing unions because they provide services at a discount, lessening the chances of jobs for independent plumbers. In total, the company has faced mixed reviews, nevertheless, it continues to be the most used and trusted corporation in Northern America.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is The Difference Between A Roto Rooter’s Employee’s Services And A Plumber’s Services?

The main difference is the price. A Plumber charges the usual rate required for any plumbing service, while an employee of Roto-Rooter will charge according to the policy of the firm and the type of location. One has more chances to receive a discount rate from Roto-Rooter services than from regular plumbing services.

  1. Is Roto-Rooter A Good Company?

The firm has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). However, negative reviews were often mentioned by the members of BBB regarding Poor customer service and technicians trying to pest the customers for extra cash.

  1. How Does The Roto-Rooter Commission Work?

A commission of 20% is provided by the company for each job. Such percent of commission is not favorable for a job like plumbing, since just receiving the work is a hard task in itself.

4. Are There Any Other Nationwide Organizations Like Roto-Rooter?

Other nationwide organizations like Roto-Rooter are Lee Company, Medal, and PRSM.

Is Roto-Rooter Nationwide?

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