How big is a Piece of Sod at Lowes?

Sod is grasses held together in their roots. The Home Improvement product has grown popular over time because of the extra layer of beauty it adds to homes, which is why several home improvement stores—including Lowe’s, deal in it. But How big is a Piece of Sod at Lowes?

How big is a Piece of Sod at Lowes?

A piece of Sod at Lowe’s is 2.66-square feet. That is 0.247 square meters or 383.04 square inches. In determining the size of sod your home needs, you have to measure the length, width, and depth and multiply the figures. The result is the total square feet you need.

How Much Does Lowe’s Sod cost?

A square foot of sod is sold for $0.30 to $0.90. That is to buy the sod alone and it also depends on the type of sod you need. You will have to calculate the whole space you’ll be installing the sod in to know how many square feet you will need to buy. The length, width, and depth of the area are important to understand the size you need.

When drawing your budget, factor in the possibility of waste and add extra sod. For example, when installing sod in circular areas, the chances of cutting out some sections of the sod to fit in that area increases. You can make space for at least 15% extra sod in your budget. Stores like Lowe’s usually have devices to help customers estimate the number of sods they will need.

What are the different types of Sod at Lowes?

Lowe’s sells up to five types of sods, if not more. There is the fescue, centipede, Bermuda St. Augustine, and Zoysia. To ensure that you buy the right sod for your yard, check out the environment where it will be used to understand the type of sods that work well there.

Why People Installing Instead of Seeding Sod

If you want your lawn looking beautiful quickly, installing sod is a better choice. Seeding sod is the act of using a seed spreader to evenly spread grass seed on an already prepared portion of land. Seeding your sod is much cheaper and demands less labor. But installing sod is expensive, especially when you have a large area to cover. Paying the professionals that would do it, if you can’t do it yourself, is another expense on its own.

How to Understand Sod Sizes?

Sod is measured by length, width, and thickness.


Home improvement companies cut their sod length differently. Lowe’s size, for example, is 2.66 square feet per piece. You have to measure the length of the area you want to cover to know the length of sod you should buy. Better still, you can have a professional do this measurement and determine the size you need for you.


Some sods are 1 inch thick. Others are 2-inch and 3-inch thick. To know the thickness level to use for your land, measure the bare yard against the sidewalk. A 1-inch difference between your bare yard and your sidewalk means that you need a 1-inch-thick sod to level the ground. At the end of the installation, the sidewalk and the grasses should be at the same level.


The width measures the wideness of the area to cover. There is not a generally-agreed cutting size for sod width. It varies from company to company. You need to consult with a professional or a home improvement store to determine the width of the sod you’ll need for your home. However, you must know the width of the area to be able to calculate the width of sod you should buy.

How are Sods Sold at Lowe’s?

You can either buy sod by the pieces, by pallet, or by the truckload at Lowe’s. You have to calculate your yard in terms of pieces (at 2.66 square feet per piece), by pallet, or by truckload. To calculate by the pallet, 400 square feet of land would need about 150 pieces of sod to cover. Truckloads of sod are around 19/20 pallets.


Sods are an important fixture in a home. They transform the exterior of a building significantly. There are almost as many sizes of sods as there are sod farms and sod stores, but a piece of sod at Lowe’s is 2.66 square meters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will sod last in the pallet?

If you order sod in the winter, it can last in the pallet for up to a week but if you order it in the summer, you have just one day to take it out of the pallet and use it. If you are wondering whether you can keep it for a longer time while watering it, it changes very little. The problem is not a lack of water but a problem of heat decomposition.

Must I use a rototiller on the soil before installing sod?

If you can, it is helpful to use a rototiller to prepare the soil before applying the sod. Doing so would help the sod grow into the ground quicker. But you can use another method to break up the soil.

When do I need to repair my lawn with Sod pieces and plugs?

Sod plugs are better suited to an area that is, at most, 64 square feet.

How big is a Piece of Sod at Lowes?

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