Most Stolen Items from Walmart?

Most Stolen Items from Walmart?

People might steal or shoplift from Walmart due to unemployment, fun, lack of money, and more. Shoplifters might think that stealing from a retail shop is common and might not cost much. They can be the Walmart customers or employees that do not know how costly it can get for the store. So, every retailer must create a list of items that get stolen the most stolen. What are the Most Stolen Items from Walmart?

Walmart has experience facing shoplifting for many years. Thus, it knows that the thieves like to steal. This article will explain to you about the most stolen items, theft tracking, punishments, and false accusations at Walmart, the giant American retailer.

Most Stolen Items At Walmart

The most stolen item from Walmart is meat. The meat has been getting stolen from Walmart and other retailers for years. Thieves get too selective with the meat quality while stealing. Other top items stolen from the giant retailer in 2021 are alcohol, food, jewelry, cosmetics, smartphones, accessories, OTC medications, portable electronics, razors, clothing, video games, and baby formula. It is hard to believe that even water gets stolen. It mostly happens when the employees forget to scan the bottle.

So, we can see how the thieves steal the items required regularly. Walmart knows that the best time to steal is early morning when the employees get busy opening the store and getting ready to work. The longer the thief stays in the store, the more are the chances of getting doubted. Another appropriate period the store knows about is in the evening when the employees get ready to close the store. However, thieves can never fool the theft tracking methods adopted by Walmart.

Theft Tracking At Walmart

Walmart uses Artificial Intelligence, security cameras, and loss prevention associates to track theft.

The following are some details related to the theft tracking methods at Walmart:

  • Security Cameras

Every area in Walmart has one or more security cameras that can rotate or tilt to overview every area. The number of cameras increases in high-theft areas. However, dressing and employee break rooms and toilets have no security cameras.

  • Loss Prevention Associates

Loss prevention associates roam throughout the store in casual dress. They patrol and look for suspicious customer behavior. Once they find the thieves, they stop them at the exit to decide their punishment. However, the loss prevention associates might not physically touch or run behind the thieves.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Under Artificial Intelligence, Walmart uses intelligent cameras that track the items, not customers. These cameras track products that get into the customer’s bag before getting scanned at the counter.

Punishment For Theft At Walmart

Thieves get caught after leaving at most Walmart stores. But, jurisdiction differs according to the state or country. Theft can get committed by both the customers and the employees. Walmart employees that get caught might get detained. If the number of items stolen costs more, they might get a letter to appear in court.

Walmart can ask the customers to pay a fine and leave the store if the stolen items are worth a small amount. They might land in jail if they lead the store to a considerable loss. Their names get added to Walmart’s database. Thus, they cannot apply for a position in the store. They might even get banned for a lifetime if they remain adamant about committing the crime.

Getting Accused Of Stealing

Individuals can sue Walmart for getting accused of stealing. However, they must consider suing Walmart only if they are innocent or in the cases of humiliation or physical damage. Walmart employees ensure that they gather enough evidence before accusing a person of stealing. So, the chances of winning against the store in the court are lower. Suing Walmart for usual incidents is possible, but it might waste time for both the individual and the store.


Walmart gets serious in the case of stealing. So, thieves cannot expect it to drop the charges. The store has seen many issues related to stealing over many years. So, it has come up with better theft tracking methods, punishments, and evidence. The thief can be only a customer or an employee, but the store does not tolerate stealing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Much Does Theft Cost Walmart Every Year?


The revenue of Walmart in 2021 was $559 billion. The store is said to lose around $3 billion per annum under shoplifting. The loss might look too small but the store knows its value.

  1. How Many Shoplifters Get Caught?


One in fifty gets caught for shoplifting. Further, only some get prosecuted because the cases are not too big every time. So, Walmart and other retailers decide to deal with the issues most of the time. It shows how shoplifting is a growing threat for retailers.

  1. What Types Of People Do Shoplift?


Most shoplifters are adults and teenagers, and only a few are professional shoplifters. We cannot expect kids to shoplift. Shoplifting becomes critical if the shoplifters resell the items at higher prices.

Most Stolen Items from Walmart?

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