Does Walmart convert VHS to DVD?- Know More

Technology advances by leaps and bounds, and as it brings progress, it also brings the obsolescence of previously ultra-popular formats. VHS, the mythical system that made home videos possible, is one of them. This has generated the need to adapt this nostalgic format to a digital one, and Walmart is said to offer the possibility of converting VHS to DVD. Is this true? See Does Walmart convert VHS to DVD?

Does Walmart convert VHS to DVD?

Yes, Walmart currently offers a VHS to DVD conversion service. The conversion fee is $12.96 for the first 30 minutes and $5.46 for every additional 30 minutes. Once the order is created, you can mail in your tapes or come in person to your nearest Walmart. We will explain other details below.

About the digital version

  • Once your material is received, it will take Walmart approximately 3-4 weeks to have it ready.
  • They will notify you by email both when they receive the material and as soon as it is ready to pick up at one of their locations.
  • DVDs will have your material organized with a menu, so you can quickly access highlights.
  • Additionally, you will have a digital copy in the cloud for 60 days, so you can download it or copy it to other devices.

How to create an order online?

Just go to this page and hit the “Start my order” button. You will enter a simple and intuitive form that you must fill out.

Right there you will have the option to add a USB version or more copies on DVD, just remember that they incur additional costs.

When you finish, the order will have been added to your shopping cart and you will simply have to pay for it as with any other item. The next steps to follow will depend on whether you choose to mail it in or go to your local store.

Accepted formats

Walmart accepts the following VHS formats:

  • VHS and S-VHS
  • Betamax
  • VHS-C, S-VHS-C
  • Video8, Hi-8, Digital8
  • MiniDV, DVC

Although they are the most popular, it is true that they are not the only ones. So, if your format isn’t on the list, Walmart won’t be able to convert it.

In any case, we recommend that you consult the store, since they may know of an alternative that can help you. For example, in the case of the U-Matic format, there are alternatives like Everpresent.

How much would I pay?

Next, we leave you the referential prices based on the final duration of your footage:

≤ 30 minutes: $12.96
31 – 60 minutes: $18.42
61 – 90 minutes: $23.88
91 – 120 minutes: $29.34

Additionally, for those footage that has been damaged over time, Walmart offers a repair service for $19.96.

On the other hand, converting from PAL format, the default format for European footage, will not entail any additional cost.

Finally, the cost of round-trip transportation will be $11.92 only. Any other costs will depend on your intention to generate more physical copies.

Is DVD the best format for conversion?

Some might be thinking the DVD format is already a bit behind more modern formats like Blu-ray. Why not opt for the latter?

In fact, the important thing really lies in the storage capacity and data transmission speed. In that sense, the single-sided DVD, with a storage capacity of 4.7 GB, is more than enough to store 2 hours of VHS video in normal resolution and up to 4 in a lower resolution.

The bitrate of VHS is around 4 Mbps, while that of DVD is 10 Mbps, one that VHS cannot match. In that sense, opting for Blu-ray, with 25 GB and 40 Mbps, would be completely unnecessary in most cases. Except, of course, that you want to put a lot of tapes inside just one disc.

If that is your case, we recommend that you consult the store for personalized service.


Walmart offers a complete service with affordable prices for all those who wish to transfer their memorable VHS footage to DVD. The cost depends on the length of the footage and will take 3-4 weeks to complete. Walmart accepts the most popular VHS formats, and you can deliver it by mail or in person at its physical stores. Finally, Walmart offers the option of having your footage in the cloud for 60 days, so you can make your own copies on other devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I drop off my footage for shipment?

Find your closest UPS drop-off location here, just using your zip code.

  1. Will my footage be safe?

Yes, Walmart has dedicated UPS Trucks and a unique code is tagged to each item upon arrival to prevent loss.

  1. Are the DVDs customizable?

Yes, you can add a title and choose from 16 different themes. You can even add background music to it.

  1. How does Walmart make these conversions?

Through its trusted partner YesVideo, a renowned media transfer service since 1999.

Does Walmart convert VHS to DVD?- Know More

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