Who Does Walmart Use For Shipping?

Who Does Walmart Use For Shipping?


Walmart is a well-known company in the industry of retail business. The company sells a huge variety of products at a very reasonable cost. There are more than 11000 Walmart stores all around the world. Let’s know ‘Who Does Walmart Use For Shipping?’

 It also has an application and an  E-Commerce website for the people wanting to buy the merchandise of their choice from their home itself. The company always follows up the trend in the market and designs their stores according to them.

During the tough times of the covid-19 pandemic, we all were stuck in our homes. The covid-19 virus is not yet gone, we all should take care of ourselves and be at home as much as possible. But some things are essential for every day such as groceries. You can order groceries from Walmart at your home. How would you get the groceries? Will they ship to your address? What does Walmart use for shipping? How to place an online order at Walmart? How will you receive your product? This is the right place to get answers to all of your questions. 

Who Does Walmart Use For Shipping? 

For shipping, Walmart either uses FedEx or USPS. These two are the courier services that Walmart ties up for the delivery of packages. It means that, If you placed an online order on Walmart to deliver to your address, then you will receive your package through these courses services of FedEx or USPS. 

What is Walmart Shipping? 

Getting items that you need to be delivered to your home is becoming a more and more common shopping method. Walmart does the same for its customers. Some Stores offer their delivery services or partner with a third-party delivery service. Walmart works with FedEx and the US postal service for the shipping. This is because Walmart does not have a shipping unit of its own. The absence of a shipping unit is the reason for Walmart’s third partying with shipping units like FedEx and the United States Postal Services for the packages to be delivered to customers. 

How Do Walmart Shipping Works?

The steps that take place in the whole procedure of shipping a package from Walmart is mentioned below:-

  • It lets you shop for products online and have them delivered to your door. 
  • Once you have placed your other third-party personal shopper choose your items. 
  • he or she will communicate with you about any out-of-stock products and possible substitutions.
  • He or she will proceed to checkout and pack the items
  • At last, your product will be delivered to the address that you mentioned safely. 

How To Place An Order For Walmart Home Shipping? 

Placing an order for Walmart home shipping is an easy process. There are only a few simple methods, the same as the steps that you follow with all the other websites to buy products for home delivery. The steps that you need to follow to place an order for Walmart home shipping are as follows:- 

  • As a first step, you will have to sign up and make an account at grocery@walmart.com. In this process, you will have to add all your credentials to make an account for yourself. 
  • You can also choose the Walmart app for the process of ordering a product. The Walmart app is available on IOS and Android as well. 
  • Once you sign up, you will see on the screen that Walmart defaults to grocery pickup. Switch that to delivery. 
  • After searching for your location by adding your address, Walmart will be able to deliver to your address. You will see a dialogue box that says “Delivery Available” in green color. 
  • Now you will have to reserve a time slot for your delivery. The charges will be mentioned side by side of the time slot that you choose. 
  • Now, proceed to select the items that you need to buy. 
  • After you have selected everything that you want to purchase, click the checkout button at the bottom of your Shopping cart. 
  • Make the payment with credit card/debit/debit card etc. 
  • You will have to enter information like email id and mobile number to keep you updated. 
  • The payment will include subtotal, delivery fee, total tax, and order totals the final amount to pay. 
  • Click on place order and it is done. 

How Much Time Does It Take To Deliver Items Through Walmart Shipping? 

Usually, it takes two to three business days to deliver items through Walmart shipping. If you want to place an order from the official website of Walmart to deliver it to your home, you’ll need to know what time it will arrive. The arrival of your products will be displayed on the Apple website itself. You can go to your account and look after the tracking of your package. you will also be receiving different texts and emails from the company with updates about your package. 

How much does Walmart Shipping cost?

Usually, Walmart shipping costs around $7 to $10 on most purchases. The cost of Walmart Shipping will be according to the address that you provided. 


In conclusion, the shipping procedure of Walmart is carried out through FedEx and US Postal Service. After you place an order through Walmart these two third parties will deliver your package to your door. It takes about 2 to 3 business days to arrive at your house. The cost can range up to $5 to $6 for shipping. 


  1. Does Walmart ship internationally? 

No, the service of international shipping is not provided by Walmart yet. 

  1. How to get free shipping from Walmart? 

To enjoy the free shipping from Walmart you will have to purchase the membership of monthly or yearly subscription. The monthly subscription will be up to $12 and the yearly subscription will be. 

  1. Do you tip Walmart delivery? 

Yes, you can tip for the delivery that you received from Walmart.

Who Does Walmart Use For Shipping?

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